Get rid of those messy, smelly adhesive sprays and sticky papers that gum up your needles. With the revolutionary new Perfect Stick, there finally is a true stabilizer that is specifically designed for doing hoopless embroidery!

Perfect Stick is a 1.5-ounce, high fiber tearaway that uses an exclusive, proprietary adhesive that was developed for Floriani Stabilizers. Its lightweight properties prevent it from collecting on the needle and gumming up the machine like many traditional sticky papers are known to do. Also, because it's a true stabilizer, not paper, stitches have fibers to wrap around resulting in embroidery that is clean, crisp, and true to the original design.

Perfect Stick offers a secure hold while not damaging the fabric. It's ideal for a wide range of items that are hard to hoop such as baby socks, ties, napkin edges, collars, cuffs, towels, etc. It's also ideal for delicate fabrics such as velvet that are prone to hoop burn.
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