Brother SA143 Snap On Ruffler works on standard low shank sewing machines with screw on ANKLE & needle bar barrel extension. Adjust foot or needle position to center in hole.

Create ruffles and pleats in varying depths and fullness, evenly spaced tucks, and gathers for home dec pillows and curtains. You can also create great trims with purchased ribbons. Single hole needle plate makes this foot perfect for ruffling lightweight fabrics as well.

  • Ruffles one layer of fabric by itself, or gathers one layer to another flat layer of fabric, for ruffled skirts to dust ruffles and other home decorating applications.
  • Adjust depth of pleats and/or frequency of pleats on the ruffler attachment, as well as stitch length setting on your machine.
  • Be sure to tighten your needle bar clamp screw tighter than usual and set stitch length where you get good feeding.

    Ruffle and pleat like a pro. Create beautiful ruffles and pleats in varying depths and fullness with this adjustable ruffler. The new Brother ruffler makes fast work of creating ruffles, evenly spaced tucks, and gathers for home dec pillows and curtains. You can also create great trims with purchased ribbons. Single hole needle plate makes this foot perfect for ruffling lightweight fabrics as well!

    For Use With:
    CS8072, Innov-ís 40, Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 40e, Innov-ís 80, Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 85e, Innov-ís 1200, Innov-ís 1250D, Innov-ís 1500D, Innov-ís 2500D, Innov-ís 2800D, Innov-ís 4000D, Duetta® 4500D, Duetta® 2 4750D, Isodore® Innov-ís 5000, Quattro® NV6000D, Quattro® 2 6700D, Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D, NX200, NX250, NX400, NX-400Q, NX450, NX600, NX650Q, PC-210, PC2800, PC3000, PC-420, PC6000, PC-8200, PC-8500, PC-8500D, Pacesetter® PS3700, QC1000, Simplicity SB3129, Simplicity SB8000, SE1800, ULT-2001, ULT-2002D, ULT2003D, DreamCreator® XE VM5100, DreamWeaver® XE VM6200D, DreamCreator® VQ2400, DreamWeaver® VQ3000, THE Dream Machine® Innov-ís XV8500D, THE Dream Machine® 2 Innov-ís XV8550D
Click HERE for Brochure and Instructions on Using Ruffler Gathering Pleating Attachments for Home Sewing Machines

For Use With: PC-8500D, ULT-2003D, NX-200, NX-400, NX-400Q, NX-600, CS-8072, Innov-ís 2500D, Innov-ís 1500D, Innov-ís 4000D, PC-2800, PC-3000, PC-6000, PC-8200, ULT-2001, ULT-2002D, PC-8500, NX-450, NX-250, Pacesetter® PS-3700, NX-650Q, Innov-ís 1200, QC-1000, PC-210, PC-420, Duetta® 4500D, Innov-ís 40, Innov-ís 80, PC-210PRW, PC-420PRW, Quattro® 6000D, Innov-ís 2800D, Innov-ís 1250D, Quattro® 2 6700D, Isodore™ Innov-ís 5000
Other Images

icon Snaps on to Ankle at bottom of presser bar, while rubber protected fork fits over needle bar clamp barrel extension for needle set screw.

icon Ruffled Table Mat for Folding Tray – Ruffler Foot May 1, 2017 By Joanne Banko

icon Brother SA143 Snap On Ruffler, Gathering Shirring Pleating Attachment

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