The Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum is an excellent choice for contractors who do not need to meet EPA or OSHA guidelines, but want effective and economical dust control. This vacuum provides "almost HEPA" performance. By that we mean the WunderBag™ micro pre-filter captures particles down to .5 micron, and that is amazingly close to HEPA filters that capture down to .3 micron. While this vacuum will NOT meet EPA or OSHA guidelines for lead dust or hazardous materials, it DOES provide much more effective filtration compared traditional shop vacuums. It is excellent for capturing fine dust from drywall sanding, or grinding/cutting of concrete, brick, stone or fiberglass.

100% Recommended by Handyman Club of America
Tested by Handyman Club of America, the Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum received a 100% approval rating. After using the 16003 in their homes, shops, and jobsites, 13 testers gave the wet/dry vac an overall member rating of 9.3. Performance scored a 10, and rating against similar products was a 9.8.

Avoid Retrofit Filter Solutions
The problem with retrofitting a regular shop vacuum with a "fine dust" filter, is that the vacuum is not built to the air-tight standards necessary to make the finer filter more effective. Leaks in the housing allow the fine dust to blow straight by the filter and out the exhaust port. The Dustless Wet/Dry vacuum housing is also used on our certified HEPA vacuum, which is certified air-tight to meet the most stringent EPA, OSHA and NIOSH guidelines. So instead of putting "big-boy pants on a little-boy vacuum," go with a system that is built to higher standards - go with the Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Patented Filtration System
The patented filtration system of the Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum allows you to clean the filters without opening the canister, for a more dust-free work environment. All you have to do is wiggle the agitator rod on the lid to knock dust off the outer filter. There are three layers of filtration. The first is the WunderBag micro pre-filter, which is a canister bag. An outer and inner filter reside close to the motor housing. These filters stay dry at all times because of a baffle/wall inside the canister. Both the outer and inner filters are made out of machine-washable, synthetic fabric, so you'll never have to buy replacement filter bags for this vacuum. The WunderBag is disposable, and retains its strength, even when wet.

Wunderbag™ Micro Pre-Filter
The WunderBag is a large canister bag that is oversized - capable of holding 80 lbs of dust, while the canister is designed to be emptied at 40 lbs. The reason for this is so that at least 50% of the filter's surface area is always available to support high air flow. This is the reason why this vacuum does not lose suction power, like other vacuums, after ingesting large quantities of dust. Unlike other pre-filters that capture larger particles up to 1 full micron, the WunderBag captures smaller particles down to half a micron. This is important, because it is the smaller particles that present the greatest health risk. The WunderBag also retains its strength when wet, so you can go between dry and wet operation without stopping to change filters.

Vacuums Liquids Without Hassle
Unlike other wet/dry vacuums, the Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum allows you to go from dry to wet vacuuming without stopping to change the filters. A baffle/wall inside the canister keeps the water away from the outer and inner filters, and a check ball prevents over filling. The vacuum also
features an automatic air shut off to protect the motor from filling with too much water. The included 12-foot hose can be used for drainage, and the drain can be regulated to drip or flow freely.

Quiet and Powerful with Convenient Tool Storage
The Wet/Dry Vacuum emits only 81 decibels of noise and has a powerful motor that produces 23,000 RPM. This means you'll get maximum, consistent suction, even as the vacuum contains 40 lbs of dust and debris. For further convenience, the 16003 wet/dry vacuum comes with a full set of tools that store right on the unit.
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum

  • 100% recommended by Handyman Club of America
  • Patented filter system
  • Designed to capture extra fine dust
  • Excellent for drywall, concrete, stone & fiberglass
  • Switch from dry to wet vacuuming without changing filters
  • Clean filters without opening canister
  • Uses WunderBag™ for "almost HEPA" performance
  • Patented filter system provides three layers of filtration
  • Switch from dry to wet vacuuming without changing filters
  • Designed to capture extra fine dust
  • Excellent for drywall, concrete, stone & fiberglass
  • Clean filters without opening canister
  • Quiet operation, only 81 decibels
  • Powerful 23,000 RPM 11.5 amp electric motor
  • CFM 126.39
  • 16 gallon capacity
  • CFM - 126.39
  • Inches Water lift - 76.9
  • Volts - 120
  • Amps - 10.6
  • Decibels - 79
  • Gallon capacity - 16

Included Accessories
16 gallon canister, 2 Extension wands, 1 Outer filter, 1 Inner filter, 1 WunderBag Micro Pre-Filter, 1 Crevice tool, 1 Floor Tool, 1 12' hose