120 Square inch cooking surface features our George tough nonstick coating to cook oil-free, with a patented sloped design that lets fat drain away from food as you cook
Easy-to-use variable temperature control dial lets you get more precise results, with handy preheat and power indicator lights
Extra-large floating hinge lets you grill thick foods and chops, with signature Foreman heating elements for even heat and faster temperature recovery
Dishwasher-safe accessories include custom drip tray and spatula
Measures 16 by 16 by 7-inch; 3-year limited warranty

Get precise control as you cook healthier with a George Foreman variable temperature grill. With an easy-to-use dial temperature control, you can get the results you want on everything from sandwiches, fish and veggies, to meats and poultry. The 120 square inch cooking surface has enough room to cook up to 6 servings at once, with our patented slope and George Tough nonstick coating so you can cook oil-free and let fat drain away as you cook. A floating hinge lets you grill thick foods, while dishwasher-safe accessories make cleanup a snap.