OESD's Stabilizer 101 Color Catalog with 15 Samples will be a great assistant in helping you choose the correct stabilizers for your next embroidery project.

15 stabilizer sample sheets included to test!

This book contains an Explanation Guide of the functions and applications for

Cut-Away Stabilizers:
PolyMesh Cut-Away
Mediumweight Cut-Away
Heavyweight Cut-Away
Rusible Polymesh Cut-Away
Stabilstick Cut-Away

Tear-Away Stabilizers:
Leightweight Tear-Away
Ultra Clean and Tear
Mediumweight Tear-Away
Heavyweight Tear-Away
Stabilstick Tear-Away
Hydro-Stick Tear-Away

Wash-Away Stabilizers:
Washaway Topping
Aquafilm Backing
Aquamesh Plus

Included inside this booklet is a conversion chart that shows you which stabilizer to use with each type of fabric or density of design. Imagine, choosing the perfect stabilizer for your embroidery application.

Even more information is given in the booklet, such as a specialty stabilizer products information guide. This guide explains the specialty stabilizers:
  • Top Cover
  • Gently Touch
  • Applique Fuse & Fix
  • Fiberform
  • Fuse & Fleece
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