Monster Snap Hoop - 5" x 7" Regular Attachment - BabyLock and Brother - top and bottom set for NV1500D, NV2500D, NV2800D, NV4000D, NV4500D, NV4750D, NV5000, VE2200, VM5100, VM6200, Quattro 6000, 6700, 6750, XV8500D Dream Machine and comparable Babylock Models*. Also the new NQ1400E and NQ3500D

Effortless one-step hooping for heavyweight fabrics. Four times stronger than the original Snap-Hoop.
• One metal base frame with machine attachment
• One magnetic top frame
•One magnet safety shield
• Four 14" adhesive centering rulers
• Target stickers

The Snap-Hoop for heavy-duty projects that need a monster-grip.
• Easily make adjustments to hooped fabric
• Easy to use, pain-free hooping with no hand strain.
• Prevents hoop burn
• Master allover embroidery and multiple hoopings
• Stitching all the way to the edge of our fabric

Great for terry cloth • bulky fleece • quilt sandwiches • heavy fabrics • continuous embroidery • allover embroidery

Experience the effortless one step method to hoop and align heavyweight fabrics. The secret is in the patented design of the Snap-Hoop Monster, 4x's stronger than the original Snap-Hoop.
Designed for Ease
Snap-Hoop Monster comes with a flat magnetic top and metal bottom frame. The bottom frame includes a machine attachment that is recognized by the embroidery machine. Simply lay the stabilizer and fabric over the bottom frame and snap the top frame in place. Voila! Even the heaviest of fabric is secured.

Be Creative with Heavy-Duty Fabrics
Multiple hoopings are a breeze with the Snap-Hoop Monster. Just lift the magnetic top frame, slide your fabric and snap the frame back in place. Easily achieve flawless continuous embroidery when stitching quilts, towels and more. Stitch all the way to the edge of fabric by securing just two or more sides in the hoop.

*Compatible with: Choose From:
Baby Lock Ellisimo BLSO
Baby Lock Ellegante BLG
Baby Lock Ellegante2 BLG2
Baby Lock Esante BLN
Baby Lock Ellageo BLL
Baby Lock EllageoPlus BLL2
Baby Lock Spirit BLPY
Baby Lock Unity BLTY
Brother Dream Maker XE VE2200
Brother Dream Weaver VM5100
Brother Dream Weaver XE VM6200
Brother Quattro 1, 2 or 3
Brother Quattro 1 NV6000D
Brother Quattro 2 NV6700D
Brother Quattro 3 NV6750D
Brother Innovis Laura Ashley NV5000
Brother Duetta NV4500D
Brother Duetta 2 NV4750D
Brother Innov-is NV4000D
Brother Innov-is NV2800D
Brother Innov-is NV2500D
Brother Innov-is NV1500D
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Snap-Hoop Monster, Designs in Machine Embroidery is excited to announce the release of the newest hoop: Snap-Hoop Monster

Snap Hoop Monster Embroidery Hoop Review Part 1 of 2 by Jen Friscia. This is part one of a review of the newest embroidery hoop by Designs in Machine Embroidery called the Snap Hoop Monster. Part 1 goes over what comes in the packaging. The next video will contain a review after using the hoop.

Snap Hoop Monster Embroidery Hoop Review Part 2. Setting up this embroidery hoop for use.

Let's be honest. You would probably love machine embroidering more if hooping wasn't so difficult. Traditional hoops feature an inner hoop and outer hoop that can be tricky for even the nimblest of hands.