Ultrasonic Technology
Ultra-quiet: Perfect for all, including sleeping children
Ultra-quick: Immediately begins to disperse a fine, even mist
creating a comfortable environment
Ultra-easy: Eliminates the need for costly replacement filters,
wicks or pads

SilverClean™ Protection
Treated with SilverClean™ to fight the growth of slimy mold and
mildew on the surface of the water tank- a common problem
with traditional humidifiers.

No Added Costs
No evaporating pads, wicks or filters to clean or replace

Cool Humidification
Emits a cool mist

Optimize Comfort
Select desired comfort level with variable mist control

Additional Features:

· Up to 14-hour run time*

· .21 gallon tank capacity

· Soft glow night light

· Directional mist nozzle

· Space saving design—under 9-inches tall

· Perfect for travel

· Weighs just 1.3 pounds (not including packing adapter)

· 3-year limited warranty

*Run time is based on operating unit with cool mist on low setting and depends on atmospheric conditions.
  • US Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
DIMENSIONS: Width - 8.2 inches; Height - 8.9 inches; Depth - 4.6 inches
WEIGHT: 1.35 pounds (not including packing adapter)
POWER SUPPLY: AC120V, 60Hz (Adapter AC120V / AC 24V)
HUMIDITY CAPACITY: About 57cc/hr low speed; 106cc/hr high speed
TANK CAPACITY: 0.21 gallons
SUCCESSIVE HUMIDITY HOURS: Up to 14 hours on low depending on environmental conditions