SHOPPERS RULE-Alphasew 10 Spool Stand. This great stand was designed to sit behind your machine for smooth and easy thread delivery. Stand is constructed of putty colored plastic and stainless steel for easy cleaning and light-weight for easy relocating. This stand holds up to ten spools of thread from king cone spools to small snap spools. Mast is easily adjusted from 4in to 11in tall. Stand features a weighted base to keep everything steady. This package contains one spool stand; one 10 hole thread holder; one safety thread cutter; ten spool pins for upright cones and two horizontal spool pins for side dispensing spools; ten large spool caps; ten small spool caps; ten cone holders; thread guide; thread lubricator (thread lubricant is not included). A phillips screwdriver is required for easy basic assembly. Stand measures approximately 23-1/2x15-1/2x4-3/4in.
The stand sits behind embroidery or sewing machine for smooth and convenient thread delivery. Thread remains on the stand and you thread directly to your machine, so changing colors is quick and easy. Many sewers use two or three stands to stage embroidery jobs. Comes with two sets of thread caps for small and large spools. Thread stand will accommodate all types of thread spools including King Cones, mini kings, snap spools wound and cross-wound sewing spools. Specialty thread guide, King Spool stabilizers, thread retainer and horizontal spool pins are also included.
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