The Sienna Vibe Steam Mop is an innovative product that cleans and sanitizes your home by harnessing the natural cleaning power of hot steam vapor. Use the lightweight Vibe for cleaning on all hard floor surfaces. The Sienna Vibe offers steam cleaning all in a small compact unit. The Steam Stop Mode turns the steam off when the unit is in the upright position reducing the risk of over steaming.

The Sienna Vibe has a 10 fl oz water tank that allows you to refill the tank as you go. The tiny hot vapor molecules penetrate porous surfaces being cleaned, expanding and forcing dirt, debris, and bacteria to the surface. Since the Sienna Vibe heats up to 212 degrees F, it kills pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella on contact. It features a 1500-Watt heating element, LED light that indicates power, 16.4-ft electrical cord, a carpet glider, and 2 Self-Attaching microfiber pads.

The 1500 Watts of power produces fast superheated steam Deodorizes, sanitizes, and cleans all types of sealed floors and carpets.Steam Stop Feature Chemical free, environmentally safe Light weight, easy to use, and fast drying Laboratory tested to kill 99.99% of E.coli, Germs, Bacteria, and Dust Mites

Use the lightweight Vibe steam mop for steam cleaning on all hardfloor surfaces. The Sienna Vibe steam mop offers steam cleaning in a small, compact unit. The Vibe steam mop uses superheated steam to kill germs, bacteria, viruses leaving indoor hard surfaces sanitized. No need for a conventional mop and dirty bucket of water. In few Seconds this mop is ready to go and with steam stop feature. Cleaning with the Vibe steam mop is safe to use in households with pets or children since the high temperature steam eliminates the need for chemical cleaners. Sanitized Using superheated steam, the Vibe steam mop leaves floors 99.9% sanitized bacteriafree. MicroFiber PadsIncludes 2 microfiber cleaning pads that you can wash reuse.

Vibe Steam Mop. The Vibe Steam Mop is a lightweight workhorse that weighs less than 5 lbs, is easy to use, fast drying, and powerful.The Vibe produces 1500 Watts of superheated steam in a few seconds using regular tap water. Vibe cleans all sealed hard floor surfaces naturally and quickly, is environmentally safe using no chemicals to clean, and leaves no chemical residue behind. The "Steam Stop Mode" turns the steam off when the unit is in the upright locked position reducing the risk of over steaming. This is a key feature not found in other mops in the opening price point range. The unique triangular head is extremely low profile and swivels 180 degrees to access tight spaces easily.
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
PDF Instruction Manual for Sienna Vibe Steam Mop

Operation Time: 20 minutes
Tank Size: 260ML
Cord Length: 16.4 feet

User-Friendly Features and Design:

The Sienna Vibe vapor steam cleaner isn’t just effective — it’s also easy to use with Easy Glide Technology. The following features help you effortlessly rid your home of unwanted dirt, allergens, and other harmful pollutants:

ETL-Certified: This product meets all of the necessary ETL safety requirements.

Swivel Head: With an 10-inch cleaning path and versatile movement, the steam floor mop’s swivel head easily cleans open floor spaces and hard-to-reach corners.

Reduce Residue: The unit’s steam contains little moisture, which means that it dries almost immediately and leaves no unwanted residues.

Storage Hook: Save valuable space by storing this vapor steam cleaner on the wall using the convenient storage hook.

Voltage: 120V
Power: 1500W
Operation Time: 20 minutes
Tank Size: 260 ML
Unit Weight: 6.6
Shipping Weight: 8
Cord Length: 16.4 feet
Included Accessories: 2 Self-Attaching microfiber cloth pads
Carpet glider

Included Accessories
2pcs Microfiber cloth pad
Carpet glider

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