Wolves/Full Collection /39 Designs Total/sizes range from 5”x7” to 8”x12”
The request I get the most often when I travel around the country is realistic animals and I have digitized numerous collections over the years. Wolves has been requested a lot lately so I decided after a lot of deliberation on which animal to do next I chose wolves. Instead of releasing a collection with 20 or so small designs I decided to do fewer designs but make them larger so that I could digitize even more detail into them. I created two different versions of most of the pieces of art; the first was a realistic version full of layers and shading. The second was a charcoal sketch style of it so you can see how beautiful the design is in one color. All of the large wolves actually have a layer of appliqué in it as the base. You won’t even notice it when the design is finished but it keeps the stitches from sinking into your fabric while minimizing stitches as well. The designs all started out as pencil sketches and it was up to the creative team and I to make them come to life. The designs all come in multiple sizes.

The CD-Rom for all Anita Goodesign collections include

Full Color Catalog with Project Photos
  • The full color catalog includes the front and back covers from all of our design collections plus sample project ideas.

    Full Color Photo Tutorials
  • The tutorial is the greatest feature of our collections. Whenever we do a complicated project we include a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to complete the project. You will never have to figure anything out for yourself again.

    FREE Re-Sizing Program
  • If you've ever had trouble re-sizing designs, those days are over. We include a professional re-sizing program.

    Includes Thread Color Numbers
  • We also give you step by step color tutorials for every design in the collection

  • PFAFF (.PCS),
  • SINGER (.XXX),
  • TAJIMA (.DST),

    All designs are digitized personally by Steve Wilson

    All digitizing, manufacturing, packaging, printing and administration is done entirely in the U.S.A.

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    All designs pictured are not compatible with all sewing systems. Please check your hoop size before purchasing. Designs may be sewn and sold in limited quantities. See inside the pack or contact us for details.