Introducing the CleanMate QQ2 Plus

CleanMate QQ2 Plus is the enhanced model of QQ2. You can define QQ2 Plus or QQ2LT unit daily cleaning scheduling time up to 7 days per week. That means all cleaning will be done automatically according to your set up day and time. It can easily handle various surfaces including carpet, hardwood tile and linoleum. It can also go underneath the beds and other hard-to-reach places to clean dirt, dust and pet hair while simultaneously killing bacteria and deodorizing with its ultraviolet light. With Cliff Sensing technology built-in, CleanMate intelligently avoid stairs and ledges. CleanMate can work ceaselessly up to 70 minutes on a single charge.

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Main features:
• Scheduler - User can define QQ2 Plus unit daily cleaning scheduling time up to 7 days per week
• Use remote control to start unit cleaning or stop unit operation
• Automatically returns to dock for self-recharging when low on battery power
• Resumes cleaning after battery recharge completion
• Auto-off feature conserves power when unit is not in use and being recharging
• Compact size remote control which is embedded into upper cover
• 3 1/2 hours quick battery charging
• UV light provides disinfection
• Photo sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down
• Stop automatically and making warning beeping when wheel gets stuck
• Easy roller brush removal for cleaning
• Debris level is visible via dust bin window
• Five-step repetitive rotation movement provides the most effective way to clean your rooms
• Timer for cleaning time setting
• Built-in slot to put fragrance for odors removal
• Three washable filters to reduce cost of ownership
• Move out from underneath furniture (dark area) when it is low on power or has ended its cleaning job

Extended Features

Self-Charging Home Base
All of the Infinuvo CleanMate robotic vacuums, except for the QQ2 Basic, come with the feature of Auto-Charge. When the CleanMate runs out of battery while cleaning it will automatically return to its home base for recharge.

Cleaning Planner
Weekly planner to schedule or program the cleaning. CleanMate QQ2-LT, QQ2 Plus, QQ3-T and QQ3-LT can work every day at different times, some days, or may not work at all. It is up to you how you set the scheduler.

UltraViolet Light
All Infinuvo CleanMate Robotic vacuum cleaners use germicidal UV light to destroy dust mites and bacteria on the floor.

Odor Removal
An excellent feature that the QQ2 Infinuvo CleanMate models offer is space for the original solid fragrance that smells pleasant while cleaning the air throughout the room cleaning (pine, orange and green tea).

Bumper Sensors
Optical sensors record the movement of the bumper, which detects obstacles in front of the Infinuvo CleanMates. It allows the bumper impact to be as gentle as posible to avoid furniture damage and other issues.

Staircase Detection
Built-in IR sensors to safely prevent the robotic vacuums CleanMate to go down
the stairs and other elevated areas.

Remote Control
The compact remote control allows you to set additional features and manually navigate the CleanMate robotic vacuum around the area.

NIMH Battery Capacity
The Infinuvo CleanMate Robotic vacuum cleaners come with a NiMh battery of Capacity of 2500 mAh and are capable of charging at a very fast pace compare to other robotic vacuums. Charging the battery takes just 3 hours and lasts over an hour at full speed.

Product Downloads

QQ2 Plus Product Manual for Download
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
• NiMH 2500 mAh battery: 500+ recharging cycle
• Noise level: 70dB at distance of 20cm
• Suction capability: Vacuum fan speed 5.2 meter/second with 20 Watts
• Capacity of dust bin: 0.3 liter
• Cleaning capability: 30 minutes at area of 4.8m x 3.2m
• Unit Dimension: 14"x3.6"
• Box Dimension: 22"(L)x6"(W)x17"(H)
• Shipping weight: 13 Lbs
Included Accessories
• One main unit with a dust collection bin
• Rechargeable NiMH battery
• Quick battery charger
• Self-charging base
• Remote control unit with battery
• User manual
• Warranty registration card
• Ceaning brush
• Two washable filters.
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