4/2/14 News Flash: "found out the final decision from Australia Monday afternoon that the AJ’s will no longer be made"

Compare to Original Read MAXI 24 Row Pleater with 47 Needles, PLUS 12 Extra Needles, Plus Pleater Video DVD, all for $269 PLUS Free Shipping delivered in USA 48 States!

Note: Amanda Jane Pleaters
The 47-row Amanda Jane Super Pleater (includes all half-spaces across the pleater) is the only Amanda Jane Pleater available after March 24, 2011. The 16-row and original 24-row Amanda Jane Pleaters are now sold out forever. So the Amanda Super 24 Row with 47 half spaces and 47 needles is the only Amanda Jane Pleater that will be available in the future.

The Amanda Jane Super pleater is the Amanda pleater with the most needles for half-space pleating ease. 9" wide vertical pleating dimension with 47 needles spanning the 9". The "best of the best" in pleaters for 25+ years! The "Mercedes" in Pleaters!

  • 24 normal pleater rows + 23 half spaces for intricate detail work on children's or doll clothes smocking.
  • 24 row pleater has 47 needle slots with 23 1/2 spaces
  • 24 half spaces - twice as many as the competitors
  • Precision brass rollers pleats fabric
  • Full width half spaces
  • Needle threader included
  • The best service, parts and machines available, sold worldwide with instructions in six languages
  • Every machine is tested with a piece of Speckler and Vogel Imperial batiste
  • Made in Australia
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Inside the Super Amanda box is a card with special instructions for pleating with all 47 needles, all the half-space rows vs pleating with a regular Amanda Jane pleater. Supers require extra precautions with the fabric and needles. We believe people ignore the instructions, grab the fabric they want pleated regardless of the type of fabric, sizing in the fabric, and start pleating. VOILA all the needles break because of the stiffness of the fabric vs a batiste, which is what every pleater is tested with and intended for use. Other fabrics can be used but on a test-by-test basis. The fabric must also be pre-washed to get as much sizing out as possible, otherwise the needles are more likely to break, and this includes batistes--not all are created equal! We are now going to elaborate on the Special Instructions provided in each pleater box from this point on, so people do not immediately break all their needles ignoring the instructions, thus returning the pleaters to you and myself for credit or a replacement pleater. Having sold Pullens, Reads, Stanley's and Read's over the past 30 years I can attest to the above being the case with the pleaters, especially the Super AJ's and Read Maxi. More needles, more likely to break; stiffer the fabric (more sizing in the fabric) more likely to break needles.
If you have customers calling you complaining of broken needle problems, please relay the above message to them or refer them to me before suggesting they return the pleater to us or you for a replacement. I can walk them thru the procedures. Creative Smocking.

How do I change the needles?
To replace the needles, remove the top front roller by removing the pins on each side. Lay the needles in the grooves with the tips going DOWN between the two back rollers and the curve laying over the lower front roller. It is helpful to lean the pleater back and prop it up by putting something under the front of the pleater to help keep the needles in place until the upper front roller is replaced and the pins are re-inserted into each end.

Which fabrics can I pleat?
Pre-washed Batiste is prefered. Other fabrics will have to be tested. The more needles and the heavier the fabric, the greater the chance of breaking needles.

Read Pleaters, South Africa
It is very difficult to recommend which fabrics are suitable for pleating and which are not, due to the wide variety of fabrics available, all with different weave density, etc. Most cotton and polycotton fabrics are usually okay to pleat, but 100% man-made polyesters are a problem. You ask about pleating velvet, which can be difficult, depending on the weight. A soft velvet is generally okay. There is really only one way to find out and that is to try out a small sample of fabric. A general tip with difficult fabrics, is to pleat a piece of kitchen wax paper first, which leaves a fine layer of wax on the needles and it therefore makes it easier to pleat difficult fabrics. Another important issue is that fabrics with a lot of starch need to be pre-washed with a fabric softener. It is normally accepted that our 24/32-row range of pleaters, with their four big size rollers, can handle difficult/thicker fabrics better than most other pleaters.

Corinne, Maryland
Thanks John for speedy call back. I have received my Smocking Pleater and it looks great!! I joined SAGA and now the isolation I was feeling has subsided. I got my first newsletter from them and find there's a whole world of smockers out there. And weather permitting I will attend my first meeting on February 1. You were a great help. Thanks for all that!!! Corinne Holberg A Very Happy Customer Many thanks!!

Susan, South Carolina
Staff are awesome. Prices were lower, although I did not realize this at first. Would order again, most definitely. Experience was very professional and personal. Thanks! I'll order again in the near future.

Debbie, Georgia
Both items arrived when you said they would. I would do this again through you if I need to.

Charlotte, Florida
In general, I was very pleased with your service and product.

Farah, California
AllBrands exceeded my expectations. They even matched the price of a competitor. I will definitely keep coming back to shop for more.

Cheryl Johansen, Creative Smocking
First, all fabrics pleat differently and not all fabrics are intended to be pleated by a pleater, any brand, any size. The easiest fabrics to pleat are batistes and broadcloths, which have been pre-washed to remove the sizing (stiffness of the fabric). Fabrics other than these two types are at your mercy, as the pleater manufacturers (all) design and test the pleaters to work only with batiste and broadcloth. This is not to say that any given pleater won't pleat other fabrics, just might have difficulties doing so. So what type of fabric have you been attempting to pleat? Needles. The needles bend and break just like your sewing machine needles. If you feed a questionable fabric through the pleater, chances are any or some or all of the needles are now ever-so-slightly bent and will not necessarily pleat perfectly from that point on even if pleating with the lightest weight batiste. When the needles bend, they're bent and not suitable for pleating. Dowel. Are you using a dowel to wind your fabric around for pleating? Absolutely mandatory. The dowel can be anything from a 3/8" wooden dowel purchased at a place like Home Depot to one of a couple dowels available in the market place for pleating, such as the Magnetic Dowel or The Pleater Dowel. It is an absolute necessity to keep the fabric tight/taut around the dowel as the fabric feeds into the back of the pleater, if not, air bubbles of fabric (bubbles-bumps) will form as the fabric feeds thru the pleater. If there is an air bubble, the needle needing to grasp the fabric at that point will have nothing to grab because the fabric is a bubble of air. Also necessary to pleat very slowly, pulling the pleated fabric off the needles and down the gathering threads about every 3 turns. The more fabric that builds on the needles, the more likely the needles will break--too much pressure on the needles. Threads. You can use any thread from regular weight sewing machine thread to lightweight quilting thread. DO NOT USE thread heavier than LIGHTWEIGHT QUILTING THREAD, as the thread will be difficult to get thru the eye of the needle and make it difficult to run the needle through the fabric when pleating. I do not know if you have personally taken the needles out of the pleater, however, there is a right and wrong way to put the needles back into the pleater. If you have taken any needles out make sure you get them back in "pointed tip DOWN", plus the two "side plugs" (look like gun bullets) must be in the pleater properly too--tightly. Rollers. There is a right and wrong way for the rollers to fit in the pleater. The removable roller (which you remove to replace needless) has a right and left. Make sure you put it back in the pleater the way it arrived and not the opposite direction. On the Little Amanda this is difficult to tell which was right and which was left, as the entire roller is made up on 1/2 space rows, unlike the other size pleaters except for the Super AJ. Needles and Rows for Smocking. Only pleat with the exact number of needles you require for your smocking piece; remove all other needles. Leaving the excess needles in the pleater will put HOLES in your fabric. BEGINNING PLEATING INSTRUCTIONS: Start with a scrap of fabric about 6" x 4", preferably the same fabric you intend to pleat your first project. DO NOT THREAD ANY NEEDLES. Roll the scrap of fabric around a dowel. Feed the fabric on the dowel into the back of the pleater. Begin pleating. When you can successfully pleat this scrap of fabric, proceed on to a larger scrap of fabric without threading the needles again. Mission accomplished, thread 4-5 needles and using a scrap of fabric again, pleat. Continue practicing in this method until you can pleat fabric with the needles threaded until the fabric pleats perfect pleats! You are now ready to begin your first project! DO NOT BEGIN WITH A BISHOP!!!! These are tricky even for the most experienced pleater/smocker! If all this fails for you, there is the "bible of pleating" called The Pleater Manual. You can purchase one thru Allbrands. The book is 72 pages in length and covers every question you might have. You should have received Allbrands Pleating DVD when you purchased the pleater--I hope you've had time to watch it. If all this fails, there is an additinoal pleating DVD which you can also purchase through Allbrands called the Pleating Video.

Amy, Louisiana
I haven't had time with 2 babies to really use my pleater, but I did test it out and the material went through like butter! I think I am really going to enjoy it and thank you for the recommendation on which brand to buy, it made the decision so much easier. My aunt orders from you a good bit and said she trusts your opinion, so I knew your advice would be great. Another satisfied customer!

Lorna, Rainier, OR
The pleater was sent overnignt, the dvd a little later, but it took the thread box about two weeks or more to come. This would not be enough to stop me from ordering from your company. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my order and the way it was handled. Thank you very much.

Marica, Simpsonville, SC
I was glad to find the pleater, and was delighted with how fast I received it. Keep up the good work!

Terri B., Pearcy, AR
Im am totally happy with my experience with your company and will certainly consider buying from you again. Thank you, I love my pleater.

Anne B., Erie, PA
Your company had been recommended to me and I feel that you deserve the recommendation. I will purchase from your company again and recommend you to my friends.

Sandra C, Huntsville ALA
Your employees are very good with helping people in situations where they are not completely satisfied with the product. I have the highest regard for your company and would certainly buy from you again. I will leave you positive feedback and hope your staff will do the same for me. Sincerely, Sandra

Sandra C, Huntsville ALA
Your employees are very good with helping people in situations where they are not completely satisfied with the product. I have the highest regard for your company and would certainly buy from you again. I will leave you positive feedback and hope your staff will do the same for me. Sincerely, Sandra

Christine H, Richardson TX
I will definitely use you again. Thanks.

Claudine A, Las Cruces NM
John I appreciate your concerns about your companies customer service. My experience with Allbrands.com was excellent. I appreciated your prompt responce to my questiions and the recommendations that you gave me. I will continue doing business with Allbrands.com in the future. When I would call with questions to the 800 number your staff was very helpful, polite and eager to direct me.


This machine is very easy to use. I just love it.

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