Say goodbye to your paper towels and replace them with this green alternative. Far more absorbent than ordinary paper towels, you can toss them in the laundry at least 300 times, so they are way more sustainable, too. Use them to mop up counter spills, on floors and any other hard surface you can think of. The concentrated fibers draw away dirt and up to 99 percent of bacteria.

When there's a cleaning task to be done in the kitchen, you only need one cleaning cloth at your disposal--the e-Cloth Kitchen Towel in Classic Check Green! This microfiber dish towel is far more absorbent than paper towels and can be laundered at least 300 times, making it far more sustainable than disposable towels, too. The thirsty fibers absorb readily absorb liquid spills and the beads of water on dishes after washing.

The e-Cloth Kitchen Towel in Classic Check Green is also perfect for cleaning counter tops, floors and other hard surfaces. The concentrated fiber network draws dirt, debris and up to 99 percent of bacteria from surfaces and traps it away. The soft dish towel is also great for drying your hands because of its luxurious texture.

Featuring a stylish green checked pattern, the dish towel measures 16 inches by 23 inches in size and is made out of a 40% cotton-50% polyester-10% polyamide blend.