Next generation of towel technology – sumptuous look and feel combined with exceptional drying performance
• Sets a new standard for softness - fibers rapidly draw in moisture for quicker and easier drying
• High performance drying combined with an elegant look and luxurious feel
• Millions of micro-drying fibers quickly wick away moisture and lock it inside their structure – absorbs 4 times more moisture than cotton at twice the speed
• Size 55.0” x 29. 5”

The truly luxurious, generously sized ebody™ Luxury Bath Towel, utilizes the next generation of towel technology to deliver exceptional drying performance. You enjoy the softness, while the fibers' natural capillary action rapidly draws in moisture. High performance drying combined with elegant luxury for a truly pampering experience. Uses Micro-dry technology for quick extra absorption and more thorough drying.

Made in South Korea