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I am trying to pleat on Courdoroy and am breaking needles. Do you make a larger needle, or have suggestions, or tips?
From Al & Ann at Read Pleater: We have found that light weight corduroys are not really a problem to pleat, but there is obviously a limit somewhere along the line, which can only really be established by trial and error. As usual, it is always important to prepare any difficult fabrics by removing any starch beforehand. It also helps with difficult fabric to pleat a piece of kitchen wax paper through the pleater which leaves a thin film of wax on the needles and this helps with the pleating process.

Regarding the needles, we only have our standard thickness of needles available. We are sometimes asked if we have thicker needles available, but we believe that as these would be more difficult to push through the fabric, they would probably be of no help.

Al, what is the difference between our 2 1/4" and customers 2 1/2" needles for Read 24 and 32 Row Pleaters below. John
John, the first 24/32-row pleaters were manufactured round about the early 1980’s, some 30 years ago. It has always been a bit of a problem to find out what happened that long ago, but the way we understand it is as follows:-

- The very first 24/32-row pleaters used what we call a “long-shank” needle, which is about 2 ½” (65mm) long. It seems that round about 1985 they changed to a needle which is about 2 1/8” (55mm) long, which is the same as the needles used today.

- It is very difficult to establish which pleaters used the long-shank needles or the current needles. It is a bit of a hit-and-miss/trial-and-error situation.

- I have sent some of these “long-shank” needles to Seth and he should still have some. We have enough of them in stock and you could order some more with your next order. We sell themat the same price as the regular needles.

For the record, the needles for the 24-row and the 32-row pleaters, have always been the same, and the 16-row needles are 1 ½” (35mm) long.

All the above measurements are approximate, as the needles can sometimes vary slightly in length.

Hope this info is helpful.


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