Includes Built In Intarsia Carriage and Full Bed Ribber Attachment, and Metal Stand for COMPLETE Set Up (Artisan 70D with Intarsia replaces GE63-70 w/o Intarsia).

Note: there is no substitute for the fixed height and level of metal stand included. You cannot switch to another type of stand, which will not fit the Artisan 70D.

Note: Not for bulky, chunky, heavy textured 4 ply yarns that are slubby, nubby or other wise can catch on the needles, latchs, and eyes. Best to test your yarn with an actual single needle to see if it slides through without much resistance. Machine knitters often take a needle with them when shopping for yarn.
  • 7.0mm Needle Spacing
  • 294 Needle Double Bed
  • Comes With Stand And Ribber
  • Manual Knitting Machine
  • Built-in Intarsia picture knitting function
  • Looks refurbished from China because of excess oil for transport and storage which attracts dirt and grime, but is in factory sealed box from the factory. Needs to be air cleaned and wiped down thoroughly before use.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Now with built-in intarsia on main bed
  • 147 needles on each bed
  • Comes with outstanding, well-designed sturdy stand
  • Takes almost all hand knitting yarns currently available on the market
  • Knits stockinet, tuck (pull up), slip stitch, short row shaping, plating, and intarsia by hand manipulation
  • It does all kinds of ribbing, including 1x1, 2x1 industrial, 2x2, and full needle rib, racked and swing patterns
  • Knits both half and full fisherman's rib (also called Shaker stitch) as well as circular knitting
  • This machine will make all kinds of garments, including sweaters, skirts, simple double bed scarves, socks with ribbing, mittens and gloves, and a wide variety of other articles
  • The simple design lines and the pleasing aesthetics of this machine will appeal to a very wide variety of knitters wanting a full-featured machine but at an affordable price
  • All of the tools conveniently fit on a large tray that fits behind the knitting machine
  • This tray can easily be adjusted to the left, middle, or right side of the bed for the knitter's convenience.
    The 70D is a fixed double bed metal machine.
  • It has 147 needles on each bed, enough to knit a finished size 60 with DK weight yarn.
  • Two identical carriages knit, slip, tuck and hold.
  • The ribber drops down so you can easily knit single bed fabrics with the single bed sinker plate which is included. Though the ribber drops down, it was not designed to be removed.
  • On the 70D you can do slip, tuck, stockinette, Knitweave, Plating , ribbing,fisherman's rib, and circular knitting.
  • The machine comes complete with all tools, weights, and cast-on combs (both single and double bed)
  • The sturdy and attractive stand included with the basic machine has a convenient tray for storing all tools and cast-on combs.
  • The tray can be placed either on the left, center, or right position for your convenience. Visit your dealer for a demonstration.
  • The 70D mid gauge will accept yarns from sport weight to worsted, making it perfect for knitting hand yarn!
  • Use four ply fingering yarn to make deep rich double bed textures as shown in the photos below.
Included Accessories
  • Single and double bed cast on combs
  • All small tools
  • Fine needle bar
  • Sock weight hangers
  • 5 ribber weights
  • 2 claw weights
  • A double-eyed needle
  • Transfer and bind off tools
  • Ravel cord
  • Instruction manual
Other Images

icon Right hand end View of Knitting Machine

icon Shown with stand, cast on combs and weights.

icon Front right side view of beds and carriages.

The Artisan GE-6370 knitting machine is similar to the Studio SK160 mid-guage 6.5 mm knitting machine and the SR-860 ribber
Are these machines used? Maria
The machine you received is not used and is brand new. The manufacturer
does not spend any time on the appearance of their machines. They are
made for light industrial use so they focus their attention on the mechanics
of the machine. This machine needs to be oiled and it likes to have more
weight (rather than less) on the cast-on combs. Artisan Knitting Machines

Carolyn, a knitting machine speeds up the repetitive rows and stitches so you can concentrate on putting the backs, fronts, sleeves together by hand or linker machine. If you are using fine 1 or 2 ply yarns yielding up to 10 stitches per inch, the punchcard pattern Brother KH864, Artisan JBL245 or Silver Reed SK280 machines with 4.5mm spacing between needles would be best.

2-4 ply knits best on the Silver Reed mid-guage SK160 manual or SK860 electronic machines with 6.5mm needle spacing and yielding 4-7 stitches per inch. Bulky and chunky 4 ply yarns with lots of texture knit best on the Silver Reed SK155 punchcard bulky machine with 9mm needle spacing yielding 3-5 stitches per inch. No one machine will handle all weights and plys of yarns, so you have to choose one to start with.

If you will need a ribber bed attached to the knitter for cuffs, necklines or hems, look at the Artisan 63-70 manual mid-guage 7mm double bed, or purchase a ribber attachment for the SK280 or SK160/860. Ribbers are not available for the KH864 and the SK155 above.

If you are not sure about which one to start with you could start with the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine with 8mm between needles, available at the American Bond Knitting Machine category.

Most machine knitters end up with more than one gauge machine in order to handle a wider range of yarns.

In any case you will save a lot of time once you learn how to operate the machine. Most machine knitters do sweater panels either shaped on the machine while knitting or cut and sewed together with a serger or linker afterwards.

Let me know if you have any questions about the above models which are on our website. Hope this helps. Thanks. John M. Douthat, Owner & Tech

From: Kathy V To:
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 7:24 PM Subject: Knitting Machine: I just
purchased a double bed artisan knitting machine. I cannot get the machine
to knit using both beds or a single bed. I get to the point on the double bed
to knit everything is cast on by your directions with weights. I can finish the
cast on and when I turn the knobs to knit settings it jams, EVERYTIME. I
tried to knit with a single bed and I get to the third row, no matter I have 40
or 100 needles used. It jams. Should the machine jam all the time like this. I
am sick of starting over. I also keep having to put the screws back into the
knitting slider because the inside screws fall out and rattle around and jam.
Should this be happening.

Hello Kathy: Allbrands asked me to help you with your knitting machine problem.

It sounds like you are either using a yarn that is too heavy for the knitting
machine (you didn't mention what the yarn was) or too small a stitch size
(which would account for your jamming problem). If it's something like Red
Heart, it is usually too heavy. It might knit stockinget at stitch size 10, but
the fabic is usually too firm if it knits at all. Your machine uses Sport weight
(stitch size 8-10 for stockinget or 5 for ribbing) but prefers Double Knitting
weight (130-180 yds/50g) using stitch size 3 for ribbing and stitch size 7 for
stockinet. Stitch sizes are approximate. The yarn will actually tell you if you
need to increase the stitch size (the carriages are harder to push and the
stitches are tight) or decrease the stitch size (the yarn wants to fall off the
needle or drops stitches as you knit). This machine likes to have lots of
weight on the knitting. Use at least 2 weights. For every 24 stitches, use
either the two small weights if there are only 24 sts. or for multiples of 24,
use a large weight for each multiple (e.g., 48 sts uses 2 large weights). If, at
the beginning of the knitting, it is difficult to knit, for ribbing or stockinet or
similar stitches, you can push up the needles in work up as far as they will
move (to the hold position). Make sure the hold levers are off and knit the
row. This will force the stitches to knit properly. You can repeat this if you
feel you need to. It is a good way to deal with problematic yarn.

A video is available for your gauge of machine, however, the model in the
demonstration is slightly different so you will have to cross reference some
of settings using your manual. For the video, you can call Joanne Sag at
407-435-8964 who is in Florida.

I hope this helps you out. Kindest regards, Michael Becker
Distinctive Knits/Artisan Knitting Machines
Kathy, Toledo,Oh. 43607
Allbrands has always been very pleasant to shop at. Thank You

Pamela, Texas
I received my machine very quickly. The package was in good shape. This was my second purchase from your company. No problems. There is a small problem with the machine , however. Distinctive Knits, the owners of Artisan Machines is working with me to correct it.