Non-slip, heat-insulated handle is easy and comfortable to hold.
• Light weight for constant use.
Use Floriani’s Magic Heat Cutting Tool to:
• Cut Plastic Stencils, Nylon Textiles, Dacrons, Polyesters, etc. (not for use on cotton, linen, silk)
• Trim Embroidery Designs, Appliques, Patches, Flags, Outdoor Textiles and more With Detail!
• Spot Bond Using Fusible Backings & Webbings
• Transfer Laser Images to Wood
• Create Intricate Designs with Hot Branding on Polyester Felt, Wood & Leather Craft Projects Using the Various Unique Tips

This tool gets extremely hot - change tips when tool is cold ONLY!
• Do not touch any metal part when using this tool.
• Rest the Magic Heat Cutting Tool on the included tool rest only when not in use.
• This tool is NOT a toy. Not for the use of children under the age of 14. Children should be old enough to understand the extreme temperature and should be cautiously supervised when using.
• Unplug the tool if you are leaving it for a period of time.
• Burn in a well ventilated area! Some materials will produce fumes, air circulation is a must.
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