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This is Anita Goodesign's newest Club. With All Access VIP Club, members receive every design collection we release. That's 6 monthly designs, plus quarterly bonuses, and every Special Edition, Premium, and Premium Plus Collection we release throughout the year. The monthly designs and bonuses are all included on one CD with a beautiful full-color printed tutorial book with step-by-step instructions for every design collection.

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This is the Biggest Anita Goodesign Club. EVER! The VIP Club combines the Diamond, Quilting, and Platinum Club in one

Anita's All Inclusive Membership Starter Kit As a VIP Club Member you will Receive it All
  • 7 collections a Month: 2 Fulls & 4 Mini Collections every Month
  • 2 Bonus Collections Every Quarter
    That's 92 Anita Goodesigns Collections a Year! If purchased Separately, the Normal Price would be over 5, 421.00USD, but it is only 1,400.00USD. That's a 75% Savings of over 4000!
  • Annual Renewal at a discounted rate

    The VIP Club is for those of you that want it all or are new to machine embroidery and want to build an amazing library of designs. We release 6 new collections every month at Anita Goodesign, 2 Embroidery Collections, 2 Quilting Collections and 2 Project series design sets. You receive all 6 brand new collections every month. The possibilities of what you can do each month with all of these new collections is limitless. You also receive both the Diamond Club bonus designs as well as the Quilting Club bonus designs.

    Our VIP Club Includes:
  • Machine Embroidery
  • Tile Scene Designs
  • Applique Designs
  • Cutwork
  • Quilt Blocks with Embroidery Designs Included
  • Folded Fabric Blocks
  • Home Decor
  • Fashion Designs
  • The Projects include In-the-Hoop designs, bags, clothing, ideas and new embroidery techniques

    All New Club Members receive these FREE:
    Starter Kit
    8 Collections of your choice (mini or full)
    1 Premium Collection (or 2 Special editions instead of Preium)

  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Included Accessories
2 Full Collections, 2 Mini Collections, and 2 Project collections per month
2 Bonus Collections per quarter
2 Special Editions, 2 Premium Collections, and 4 Premium Plus Collections per year
150+ retired design collections included in the membership kit

Anita Goodesign All Access VIP Club Details
FAQ fro Anita Goodesign All Access VIP Club

What are the incentives to upgrade to an All Access VIP Membership?
You will receive all of our monthly releases on one CD with a gorgeous perfect-bound, full-color tutorial book that
will guide you through each project. You will also receive 2 Special Edition Collections, 2 Premium Collections,
and 4 Premium Plus Collections throughout the year on separate CDs with printed tutorial books. This is an
added 1556USD value! These tutorial books include step-by-step guides for each project and will look beautiful
lined up on your shelf.

Will I still be able to trade with an All Access VIP Membership?
If you join the All Access VIP Club, you will no longer be able to trade. Because everything is included on one
CD and in one book, we cannot trade certain parts of the book or make custom CDs. With Diamond, Quilting,
Platinum, and VIP Clubs you will still recieve individual packs and have the ability to trade. However, you will not
recieve our Specials, Premium, and Premium Plus Collections as part of your membership - they will still be a
separate charge for Diamond, Quilting, Platinum, and VIP Club Members.

Do I have to upgrade to an All Access VIP Membership?
Nope, you can choose not to upgrade to the All Access VIP Club. It is our hope that all of our members will want
to take advantage of this awesome opportunity, however we have made no changes to our other Clubs. This is
just an added option!

What is the cost to become an All Access VIP Member if I am not already a member of a Club?
The cost to join the All Access VIP Club is the same as joining our VIP Club. It will be 1400USD for the year, and you
will be able to pay or finance through your local Anita Goodesign dealer. If you are not already a member of a
Club, just like with our other Clubs, when you purchase an All Access VIP Membership you will receive free gifts
to get you started.

Will I receive the Workshop designs too, if I upgrade to an All Access VIP Membership?
Yes, you will receive all of our Event and Workshop designs if you are an All Access VIP Member. They will be
included with your Premium Plus Collections, which will be released quarterly.

Will the delivery method change with an All Access VIP Membership?
Nope, your Club Box will be delivered to your Anita Goodesign dealer by the 1st of every month just like it was
before. Home delivery methods also remain the same.
Are the tutorials still included on the CD I will recieve with an All Access VIP Membership?
Yes, the format of our CD’s has not changed. When you open the files on your computer, you will see each
collection with the tutorials included digitally.

Are there incentives to renew an All Access VIP Membership?
There will be a renewal program with options for our All Access VIP Members; the incentives will change quarterly,
as they have been with our other Clubs.

Do I have to buy a bigger hoop or a different machine to accommodate the larger designs included with the Premium Plus Collections I would recieve with an All Access VIP Membership?
Absolutely not. Our designs come in many different sizes, suited for small and large hoops. You will still be able
to enjoy our Premium Plus designs even without using our new AA size. The Premium Plus Collections have so
many more designs than our other collections - the larger size is not the only thing that make them special.