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INCLUDED: Westalee Ruler Quilt 40x60" Sampler PDF on CD 51Pg 45 Designs by Janet Collins

So you have a Domestic Sewing Machine and would like to stitch designs without drawing them first or following stencils. We have the answer. Ruler Feet designed to use on Domestic Sewing Machines and a collection of 250+ optional Template Designs.

Released January 2015, this foot makes the impossible possible on any domestic sewing machine. The style of foot and the thickness of the template varies depending on your machine we currently have 5 different styles based on the 3500 different machines in the market today.

The Sew Steady Westalee Templates and Accessories are custom made to order, and usually leave the warehouse in 5-7 business days after your order is placed

Quilting Foot and Template Starter Package (package includes):

  • Ruler Foot to fit most models machines
  • Six different Acrylic Ruler Templates to sample the Quilt Template Line of over 250+ Designs and optional free motion table accessory kit.

    These new products allow Free Motion Quilters to do ruler work with on home machines which has been missing in the industry. We have 5 different styles of feet and 3 thicknesses of optional ruler templates that vary based on the shank height.

    Quilting Ruler Foot and Template Set. This video is about the Westalee Designs Ruler Foot and Template Set Demo Project Offer. Information applies to all ruler feet and optional templates.
Free Motion Accessory Kit Only Project Package:

  • Ruler Foot Starter Kit with Bonus 12" Arc Template
  • Six different Acrylic Ruler Templates 6" SPIRAL, SPIN E FEX #4, COQ SPIN WHEELS #36, 4" ARC, CLAMSHELL, 2" SIMPLE CIRCLE

    Use your Domestic Sewing Machine to stitch designs without drawing them first or following stencils. We have the answer.

    Use the Video Link to learn more.

    Not able to attend / host a class in a store – no problem we will provide you access to a private blog page for support during project Click HERE

    How to Determine Shank Size for Ruler Foot, Template Thickness

    Ruler Foot Install Information and Procedures
Other Images

icon Ruler Foot for your machine with 12" Arc Template.

icon 6 Templates

icon Six different Acrylic Ruler Templates 6" SPIRAL, SPIN E FEX #4, COQ SPIN WHEELS #36, 4" ARC, CLAMSHELL, 2" SIMPLE CIRCLE

Martha F, Mt Pleasant SC
This was a special order for a foot to fit my specific sewing machine and arrived the day before my class in how to use it. Wonderful, thank you.

Carolyn K, Lakeland FL
I did a lot of searching for the items I wanted, so glad your business name came up for the Westalee ruler set. Your price was the best by far. I plan on purchasing more items from you. Thank you so much. I have let many of my friends that quilt about you and the better prices you have but still great quality. That is important when on a tight budget.

Cathy M, Anderson CA
Will have to download book to my laptop and still try the product but I saw my friend use hers and it's awesome. Very quick! Very pleased with the whole process. Thank you.

Christine Y, New Bern NC
The honesty and integrity of your company is outstanding. I ordered the Westalee templates and selected express shipping. I recieved an email stating that this item is custom made and therefore the quick shipping didn't apply and would be credited back to my invoice. I finally have another open window of time and can't wait to play with my new toy! Thank You. Chris

Beverly W, Trevor WI
Had it not been for a follow up call from your company because my vendor failed to complete my order, I would not have known who you were. I was so thrilled to talk with the person and she was extremely helpful just a delight giving me all the information i needed. She explained that i could purchase from you direct and that was great. When I did place the order later again i had such a wonderful customer service person that again answered all questions and WELL the overall rating for your company is A STAR 10 I will always come back to you . Thank you for the best service i have had with website purchases . Your the Greatest.

Juanita R, College Place WA
The videos showing how to use the rulers and the reviews helped me decide to make the purchase.

Laura S, Fulton KY
I am very happy with my purchase of the rulers and ruler foot. I look forward to purchasing more rulers in the future. Thank you

Susan C, Clinton MA
I was thrilled with the selection, great that someone called to make sure they were sending the correct foot for my machine. Just seemed like it took a long time to arrive, but worked out fine.

Brenda S, Liverpool NY
Allbrands is now my first go to site for quilting supplies. Use to be Keepsake Quilting.

Lorene F, Annandale MN
The enclosed pamphlets were very useful. I will return to buy your products again!

Ella D, Vidor TX
The package was here sooner than expected , product was thinner ( rulers ) seemed more fragile than previouly indicated by videos and the prices were rather high . I originally wanted to buy the westalee design foot alone. But was refused. Other than the fact that I have not had the opportunity to use these products I got my sewing foot with a couple of little surprises , and for the most part , I am happy .

Millie H, Chrisney IN
I've been purchasing items for many years. I've never had a problem with any purchase. I tell everyone I know about your company.

Susan C, Ridgway CO
loved everything about finding a new product readily available on your site!!! Thanks,Susan

Rene S, Lothian MD
Thanks. I'm enjoying the new quilting "toys". The videos are very helpful.