Includes 4 12" x 5 yds Tubes of: Fuse So Soft/Peel' n Stick/Sew' n Heat/Water Soluble.

Our embroidery backing, topping and stabilizer are the best in the industry, all designed with embroidery in mind. Embroidery backing holds fabrics in place and prevents them from slipping, while topping prevents fabrics from peeking through the embroidery. We carry a variety of products, including soft and firm tearaway embroidery backings and water soluble toppings. Silicone is mixed with the cellulose and polyester on most of our cutaways and tearaways to lubricate your needles during the embroidery process.

Sew ‘N Heat is a clear stabilizer used for fabrics not conducive to moisture; such as silk and wool. After tearing away excess stabilizer from finished embroider; the remainder dissolves using a low-medium heated stainless steel iron. See videos below by Debra Jones on how to use Exquisite and Sew and Heat!

To learn more about backings, watch this helpful video featuring Deborah Jones of

Cut Away Stabilizer Types by Deborah Jones of

Tear Away Stabilizer Types by Deborah Jones of

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