5", 8" and 9.5" Sewing Scissors Combo - Perfect choice for all sewing applications. Features sharp blades for long and precise cuts for all fabrics. Nylon handles are comfortable and can be used by both right-handed or left-handed users. Bent handles offer the user comfortable hand position while working on flat surface. Metal blades are made of ice tempered stainless steel. Made in Germany.
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icon Schmetz 5" 8" 9.5" Scissors, Shears, Trimmers Combo, Made in Germany. SCHMETZ scissors have been humming along even with the ugly packaging. Imagine our glee when the current scissor shipment included a free lint cloth in the new plastic clam. Durable packaging for the retailer and a freebie for the consumer. Cost remains the same. When in a cutting frenzy, just wipe away the lint with the SCHMETZ lint cloth. Handy