• Soft and Sheer
  • Completely Dissolve
  • Stronger Than Films
  • No Fiber Residue
Marilyn, Ohio
I just want to tell you how impressed with your delivery of the products ordered. I ordered Floriani Wet N Gone at a much lower price than I can get here at home. While this is not the same name product I used at a MUCH higher price, I can see that this will be perfect and much more reasonable in creating my projects. This is my second order with you and I can assure you I will be back for more. It was delivered in two days! Thank you for the wonderful experience dealing with you.

Deb, Kansas
I needed stabilizer quicky but wasn't happy with the prices locally. I took a chance that it wouldn't take long to arrive and I was shocked. From the time I ordered it to the time I received it was 3 days. And the stabilizer I purchased was only $2.00 more than the 12 yd. roll at the local store. You guys clearly do care about customer service. Keep up the good work.

Nancy, Colorado
Great product. I needed wide stabilizer for my larger hoops and this was perfect. Love it.

Jeanette, Georgia
This was my second time to order from Allbrands. Both times Allbrands had the lowest price, best shipping rate and fastest service.

Janet, Ohio
Fast and accurate shipping. Best price I've found on the item I purchased. One item (applique scissors) I wanted wasn't available online (only retail)...was really hoping to get it at Allbrands at a much better price than I have to pay retail. Overall, the experience was very pleasant. I will definitely shop Allbrands again. I have also recommended Allbrands to my friends. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Melissa, Texas
I have been amazed with your site and the prices. I just recently needed this product aNd am amazed at the speed of service. I will use your company again. I am a home macHine embroiderer and want to upgrade my machine in the near future.

Tangie, California
The product was shipped quickly and there was no shipping! Will order from you again.

Jo, Texas
Excellent service and timely delivery. Thank you.

Charles, Ohio
I have been very pleased with my service from All Brands!

Bonnie, Colorado
My daughter lives in Baton Rouge and when I visit her from Colorado, I come to the store to see what I can't live without. Thanks for your great service.

Doris, Pennsylvania
Thank you. I am always pleased.

Virginia, Arizona
I was extremely pleased with all phases of the purchasing/procssing/shipping/delivery process. I will definetly be purchasing again in the near furture. Thank you for taking the time to ask for my feedback on your customer performance. Again, this says a lot for your overall - storewide perfection.

Doris, Pennsylvania
I am always pleased with the service and your products. Thank you for the fast deliveries and speed of filling my orders. I have told several oher people about your website and they are also pleased.

Tammy, Michigan
Thank you so much. I really will shop with you again.

Bobbi, Washington
Shopping at Allbrands is always easy and the merchandise is of the highest quality. I would recommend Allbrands anytime.

Linda, Mississippi
I was really amazed at how fast your shipping was, I ordered one day and received it the next day, I have never done business with a company that ships as fast as yours. Will definitely order from you again. Everything about you website is fantastic, and you have so many products to choose from which is a definite plus. Thanks so much!

Anne, Georgia
The price of your Florianni stabilizer is so great! I recommended you to a friend who turned right around & purchased the same thing I did from you! Thanks for making the items we use more affordable!! Cheers

Marla, Oklahoma
I have been very satisfied with ordering from Allbrands. I will be ordering again. Thank you.

Flora, Texas
I was very pleased with the attention to my order. I needed it quickly and you provided it very quickly. Thanks

Ginger, Alabama
I'll be shopping with you again in the future. It was a pleasure.

Janice, Clovis, CA
I am currently working on favors for my daughter's wedding and I ran out of the stabilizer. I am relieved that I have it now and the work can now resume. Thanks for being there.

Bella Orion, Los Angeles CA
Hello John, I know that you didn't send me this email personally, but I am a fan of your company. Just to remind you - I have purchased the Futura a couple years ago, and you, personally, where wonderful and helped tremendously. Your employees are fortunate to have you as their boss, and your customers are fortunate ti have you as the president of the company. Thanks so much. Bella