, 4- piece set to create a variety of Wreath designs.
Our Wreath series of Templates have been designed to give beautiful stitched Wreaths in a variety of sizes.

Ruler foot is not included and must be purchased separately if you do not already own the foot

If you are currently using the Bernina #72 Ruler Foot, instead of the Westalee Ruler Foot, please specify that in the brand and model of machine question, or in the comments of your order, since that foot could require a different thickness of Westalee ruler.

Note: Some of our rotating templates have been updated so the Key Gate is no longer part of their design. The Circles on Quilts series was one of these that was updated. The key gate is no longer needed, as we have modified these Templates to have a slot instead: you can still place your Ruler Foot inside of the Template without having to raise the Foot. Simply bring the Template up so the slot lines up with the neck of the Foot, then drop the Template down onto your quilt so the Foot rests inside. The slot is too small for the ½” portion of the Foot to slide through, allowing for a smooth stitched design. Westalee