• BERNINA Hook with 9 mm stitch width for high-precision stitches
  • With BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) function
  • Extended freearm for grand ideas
  • Adaptive thread tension for each and every stitch type
  • Interface with sewing consultant for easy operation

    The BERNINA Hook for Fast and Quiet Sewing
  • Heart of the BERNINA 7 Series
  • A novel, centrally placed driver for fast and quiet sewing
  • Sews high-precision stitches up to 9 mm in width with speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Bobbin holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins for longer sewing without interruptions

    Extended Freearm for Grand Ideas
  • A meticulously engineered extended freearm with 10 inches of space to the right of the needle for large sewing projects
  • Optional extra-large embroidery module lets you stitch out maxi-sized motifs and can be selected as your free bundle option

    Total Stitch Control - Remembers All Your Favorite Stitches
  • Exclusive level of stitch control
  • Allows altering of stitch length, stitch width or needle position
  • The machine remembers the stitch details for you
  • Save personal settings and retrieve at will for more flexibility
  • USB interface allows you to import and export stitches and stitch patterns or combinations

    Ideal Thread Tension for Every Stitch
  • BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension is an exclusive BERNINA innovation
  • Provides ideal thread tension for each and every stitch type, in any variation
  • Adjusts electronically to the selected stitch width, length, speed, and needle position at each penetration of the needle into the fabric
  • The result is the finest stitching without pressing a button

    Consistent Stitches at Every Speed
  • BERNINA 765 SE is equipped with the BSR function
  • Optional BSR foot assists you with free-motion sewing and quilting with a straight or zigzag stitch
  • Ensures stitches of the exact same length even at variable sewing speeds
  • It comes with the free bundle option: Quilter’s Accessory Kit

    Optional BERNINA Patchwork Foot 97D
  • It comes with the free bundle option: Quilter’s Accessory Kit as one of the points
  • For patchworking, it provides extra reliability for when joining together the patchwork pieces
  • Used in conjunction with the straight stitch needle place, it enables you to achieve a perfect stitch result

    BERNINA Dual Feed for Hard-to-manage Fabrics
  • Tames hard-to-manage fabrics providing superb fabric feed and optimum visibility while sewing
  • Easy to engage when needed
  • BERNINA Dual Feed tucks completely out of the way when it’s not needed
  • Exclusive BERNINA innovation

    Sew with Even Greater Ease
  • The BERNINA 765 SE accomplishes many tasks all by itself
  • Presser foot lowers automatically at the beginning of a seam
  • Threads semi-automatically
  • Cuts automatically when you reach the end of a seam, or when you wish to change colors while embroidering
  • With practical extension table for a large work area

    New User Interface for Intuitive Operation
  • User-friendly features
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Sewing Consultant
  • Built-in tutorials offer direct onscreen support and answers to your questions at any time

    Download the Bernina Sewing Workbook here

    Download the Bernina Embroidery Workbook here
Sneak Peek at the NEW Bernina 765 Rose Gold Special Edition.

You Tube Video - Quilt it Modern with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator
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