From the first stitch to the last. This amazing ebook of 45 designs creates a 40” x 60” sampler quilt using Ruler foot starter set, 6pc Sampler Template Set 1, and Cross Hair Square under Recommended Accesories below. .

This eBook is 51 pages. It can be downloaded on request, and printed after purchase of Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Kit below.

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icon Quilt Pattern on Back of Book. ‘From the First Stitch to the Last’ Designed and quilted by Janet Collins, Accredited Westalee Design Teacher

Carolyn K, Lakeland FL
I did a lot of searching for the items I wanted, so glad your business name came up for the Westalee ruler set. Your price was the best by far. I plan on purchasing more items from you. Thank you so much. I have let many of my friends that quilt about you and the better prices you have but still great quality. That is important when on a tight budget.

Cathy M, Anderson CA
Will have to download book to my laptop and still try the product but I saw my friend use hers and it's awesome. Very quick! Very pleased with the whole process. Thank you.