INCLUDED: Dazor 42" MC300 Circline Magnifier Lamp Top, 3 Base Options


INCLUDED: Dazor 1050 Heavy Duty Caster Floor Lamp Stand, 5 Sturdy Roller Wheels

  • Almond lamp
  • Dazor 1050 Stand Included!
  • 22 Watt GE Bulb
  • Use With Floor Stand Or Optional Desk Clamp
  • 42"Pivoting Arm
  • Metal Construction
  • Magnifier Lamp Made In USA!
  • Light Source is a 22-watt Circline fluorescent (included) that sheds even, shadow-free light.
  • The 5-inch diameter crown-optical glass lens is available in 3-diopter (+75% magnification, focal length 13") and 5-diopter (+125%, focal length 8").

  • Manufacturer's US warranty 5 Years Electrical Components and Mechanical Operation.
  • Non-US Warranty: To view the warranty for this combo, please view specific warranty information on the individual product pages.
  • Provides even, shadow-free light under magnifying glass
  • Perfect lighting for de-emphasizing irregular or uneven surfaces
  • Circular light source uniformly illuminates the viewing surface so that color contrasts are enhanced without competing shadows
  • The contemporary floating-arm lets you position the light source and lens with the touch of a finger
  • The all-metal head that houses the magnifying lens is designed to provide years of service
  • 5-inch crown optical glass lens produces sharp images over a wide viewing area and is available in magnification of 3-diopters (.75x) and 5-diopters (1.25x)
  • For your eyes, the two key factors for enhancing vision are light and magnification
  • These factors reduce eyestrain and fatigue which allow you to work longer with less visual effort
  • The effectiveness of magnification in achieving good vision is dependent upon the lighting conditions
  • Dazor magnifying lamps combine proper lighting with magnification for maximum benefit
  • For your hands, both are free to grasp an object or work on it
  • Whether you are using tools or holding a newspaper, hands-free viewing is easier
  • Also, your hands control the amount of light and magnification you require by adjusting distances between the object, the magnifying lens, and your eyes