These American made 100% thick wool mats really hold the heat of your iron because of their dense construction — it's like pressing from both sides of the mat at one time!

12" x 18" by 1/2" thick wool pressing mat is the ideal thing to press flat quilt blocks and embroidery designs. Because of its dense construction, it's like pressing from both sides at one time!

Additional sizes: Mega Pressing Mat - NOT47, Magic Pressing Mat - NOT18, Mini Pressing Mat - NOT56 and Skinny Pressing Mat - NOT57.

Pam’s Magic and Mega Pressing Mats are made of 100% wool here in the USA and creates a perfect pressing surface for your embroideries, quilt blocks, garments and more! Use with or without steam for a professional result. Place it near your sewing machine top save trips to the ironing board.

Mats comes in 4 sizes for your convenience.

The Magic Pressing Mat 12″ X 18″ X 1/2″
The Mega Pressing Mat 14″ X 24″ X 1/2″
The Mini Pressing Mat 9″ x 12″
The Skinny Pressing Mat 4″ x 24″

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