Raise and lower the presser foot "hands-free" to maneuver fabric as you sew.

This newly configured knee lifter has three different adjustable positions to choose from for maximum leg comfort. Set it to your liking and still experience great sewing and quilting results every time.

For Use With: Innov-ís 2500D, Innov-ís 1500D, QC1000, Duetta® 4500D, Quattro® NV6000D, Innov-ís 2800D, Quattro® 2 6700D, Isodore® Innov-ís 5000, Duetta® 2 4750D, DreamWeaver® VQ3000, DreamWeaver® XE VM6200D, DreamCreator® VQ2400, DreamCreator® XE VM5100, Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D, THE Dream Machine® Innov-ís XV8500D, THE Dream Machine® 2 Innov-ís XV8550D
The Brother SA599 Three Position Knee Lifter is available at our retail store only. Our excellent customer service can help you decide if the Brother SA599 Three Position Knee Lifter is right for your machine. This Brother Three Position Knee Lifter enables you to raise and lower the presser foot hands free.

Brother SA599 Three Position Knee Lifter features:
Three different positions.
Ultimate leg comfort.
Sets to your liking.
Great sewing and quilting results.
Use Brother SA599 Three Position Knee Lifter with:
Innov-ís 1500D
Innov-ís 2500D
Innov-ís 2800D
Duetta 4500D
Isodore Innov-ís 5000
Quattro 6000D
Quattro 2 6700D

Joyofquilting - Using your sewing machine knee lifter tutorial. ..a quick demo of attaching and using a kneelifter. Tutorial with joyofquilting.
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