• Portable straight-stitch machine (no zigzag lever) is great for light upholstery, drapery, leather, vinyl and canvas work
  • 150 Watt, 1.5 Amp, 110 Volt, 60 Cycle Motor
  • Built in 1/4" welt foot set is the only size available.
  • Cleated motor belt drive and cogged handwheel and motor pulley.
  • One drop of oil on metal to metal moving parts whenever it sounds louder than when you first received it.
  • US Warranty 30 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
# PW200
* Single needle, portable walking foot machine.
* Special heavy duty motor.
* Geared belts so no slipping when sewing on heavy material.
* Upholstery, drapery and hobby applications.
* Built-in light, Includes electric foot control and wire.
* Parts:
Needle :135x17, Bobbin: 2518-A, Hook: 2515ZS, Bobbin Case JO1313ZW,
Needle Plate: PW200-NP, Long Belt: PW200-BT1, Short Belt: PW200-BT2,
Inside Foot: PW200-FT, Outside Foot: PW200-FT1, Welting Foot: PW200-WF,
Left Zipper Foot: PW200-LZF, Right Zipper Foot: PW200-RZF.
Included Accessories
  • Foot control
  • Manual
Other Images

icon 40: Alphasew PW200-SS Portable Walking Foot Flatbed 14.5x7" Sewing Machine

Made for light upholstry work. Compare to Sailrite Ultrafeed LS1 and Thompson PW500 at higher prices. Product is similar to model pictured, but not exactly the same. No zigzag lever is included in this straight stitch model. Compare to Sailrite Ultrafeed LS1 and Thompson PW500 all metal portable walking foot machines on our site.