ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition is packed with so many new features for virtually endless possibilities in cutting thicker materials with the new Auto-Blade. Check out Julie Fei-Fan Balzer in this quick video* below for the dealer exclusive SDX225 model. Be sure to watch the other feature videos on Brother Crafts USA Youtube channe Ask your sales representative for more information on how to order for delivery starting at the end of September 2018 .

The ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition CUTS UP TO 0.1” THICKNESS: The Brother Home Electronic Cutting Machine effortlessly cuts materials such as foam and felt with the Auto Blade. Material compatibility may vary. Always perform a trial/test cut to confirm a successful cut.

ON-SCREEN EDITING: Editing designs is fast and easy. This ScanNCut machine comes with a 5” LCD touchscreen display.

FULLY DETAILED DESIGNS: With over 1300 built-in designs, 140 quilt patterns, and 17 letter fonts, this Brother Cutting Machine produces detailed work.

WIRELESS NETWORK READY: Wirelessly connect your PC or mobile device to transfer cut data from the Brother CanvasWorkspace application.

PERFECT FOR QUILTERS AND SEWERS: The Brother SDX225 Electronic Cutting Machine provides a ¼” increment seam allowance to piece together fabric.

Cutting Through Virtually Everything You Can Imagine
No Blade Settings & Material
Selection Required


+ OVER 1,300 BUILT-IN DESIGNS vs 682 on SDX125
Including 140 Quilt Patterns & 17
Lettering Fonts


+ 600 DPI Built-In Scanner

+ Cuts 3mm or .12 inches

AVAILABLE End of September 2018
Revolutionary blade sensor technology which detects the thickness of the material
New auto blades cut a wide-variety of materials* like foam and felt virtually effortlessly
Redesigned, quieter mechanism for DIY anytime day or night
New PES/PHC/PHX data readability with stitch data conversion to utilize existing PES/PHC/PHX files
*Material compatibility may vary. Always perform a trial/test cut to confirm a successful cut.

*Automatic Blade Sensor and material Roll Feed up to 6 feet! Video Playlist

Introducing the New ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition SDX225 by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
The ScanNCut SDX225 is a revolutionary electronic cutting machine with a built-in scanner and Blade Sensor Technology with Auto Blade. With Auto Blade technology it detects the thickness of the material so there is no need to select the material type nor adjust blade depth before cutting. The machine is also full of other new features; cuts up to 3 mm thick, built-in accessory storage, quieter cutting mechanisms for crafting day and night, and much more.

Video Playlist for new Brother SdX225 ScanNCut Innovis Edition

Australia Review: The NEW Brother ScanNCut DX Machine – Is it Worth the Upgrade?

Learn to Wireless Transfer from Option PE Design 11 and ScanNCut (.PDF)

  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Operation Instruction Manual PDF for SDX225 Cutting Machine:

“We are excited to introduce the ScanNCut DX which has the great features of ScanNCut2 plus, new features that will make crafting fun and simple, for novice and expert crafters. The machine has virtually everything crafters and sewers need and that all they'll need is something they already have tons of. Imagination!”, shared Jim Price, Senior Director of Sales for Brother. “ScanNCut DX features new technologies that will make crafting fun and easy and offering more possibility than ever before. Brother’s Blade Sensor Technology with Auto Blade is truly revolutionary. The Auto Blade detects the thickness of the material, there’s no need to select material type nor adjust blade depth before cutting. There’s no guessing game. The machine is full of other new features: cuts up to 3 mm thick, built-in accessory storage, quieter cutting mechanisms for crafting day and night and much more!”

The ScanNCut DX (SDX225) arrives in tandem with the machine’s debut at Back to Business 2018, featuring the latest products and innovations in sewing, quilting, embroidery and crafting. To compliment the machine arrival Brother is also introducing an exclusive line of ScanNCut DX accessories. Much like the original ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 machines, The ScanNCut DX allows crafters to turn their scanned images into unique, one-of-a-kind cut designs. From professional looking greeting cards, signs, decorations, stylish appliqués, and much, much more - the ScanNCut is designed with versatility in mind. But now, with several new technological advancements and innovations, the ScanNCut DX makes crafting even easier.

ScanNCut DX New features include:

Blade Sensor Technology with Auto Blade: This revolutionary cutting machine detects the height (thickness) of the material placed on the ScanNCut DX compatible mat. No need to select the material type or adjust the blade depth before cutting.

Auto Blade: cuts up to 0.1” (3 mm) in thickness. Cuts a wide-variety of materials like balsa wood, foam and felt virtually effortlessly with Auto Blade.

Whisper Quiet Mechanism: The Brother ScanNCut DX cuts and scans with little noise compared to previous models. Enjoy your DIY projects, card making, or quilting anytime day or night with the redesigned, quieter cutting mechanism.

Precise and Quick Cuts: Help save time when creating and crafting as the ScanNCut DX cuts faster than previous ScanNCut models.

1303 Built-in Designs, including 140 Quilt patterns, Plus 17 Lettering Fonts: Get creative! Basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts, and more are all available on the easy-to-use 5-inch color LCD touchscreen display.

Roll Feeder (Optional after 9/31/18) : Expand creative possibilities by cutting up to 12” wide material and up to 5.85 feet in length with the new roll feeder function that accommodates our ScanNCut adhesive vinyl rolls. Perfect for home-décor items, car decals, signage and so much more! Available for a limited time as part of the Roll Feeder bundle through an Authorized Brother Dealer until 9/31.
Moreover, since Brother has an extensive background in sewing machines, Brother added more features for sewers, quilters, and mixed media artists into the ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition SDX225 model:

Thin Fabric Auto Blade: This blade is designed to cut fabric used for quilting and raw edge appliqué purposes. Quilt with ease and help save time by cutting multiple pieces for your projects. Depending on the material, the Thin Fabric Auto Blade will cut thicknesses from 0.25 mm-0.5 mm.

PES/PHC/PHX Data Readability with stitch data conversion: The ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition reads most PES/PHC/PHX embroidery files, users will have So many more ways to utilize ScanNCut’s existing PES, PHC, and PHX appliqué files!

Brother Expands Lineup of Cutting Machines with New, Revolutionary ScanNCut DX globenewswire

Brother Scan N Cut You Tube Channel

ScanNCutCanvas: Enhanced Image Tracing : Activation Function
This home & hobby cutting machine comes with a built-in scanner. No more design cartridges or dies needed.

Comparison Chart between Brother DX models SDX225 in Dealer Stores and SDX125 from Mass Merchants. which adds up to be $850.27 more separate accessory values with the SDX225. ScanNCut Accessories: Everything except the old blade, old blade holder and old mats will work with the new SDX225 and SDX125 models..

ScanNCut DX Innov-ís Edition SDX225 and the Roll Feeder accessory
Included Accessories
Standard Cut Blade Holder
Standard Cut Blade
Wireless Activation Card
Standard Mat 12" x 12"
Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12" x 12"
6 Color Pen Set
2 Type Erasable Pen Set
Pen Holder
2 High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheets
2 Iron-on Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheets
Touch Pen
Accessory Pouch
Touch Pen and Spatula Stand

Do all prior ScanNCut accessories for CM650 work wtih the new SDX225?
Yes, all except mats and blades. Brother

Other Images

icon Receive a FREE Roll Feeder Bundle, valued at over $100 with purchase of ScanNCut DX SDX225 Innov-ís Edition! 1 PC Roll Feeder 1 PC 6ft Black Adhesive Vinyl Roll

icon Roll Feed Cutter included as supplies last.

icon Roll Feeder Bundle with purchase of a ScanNCut Innovis DX SDX225 only. Not all core sizes are compatible with the roll feeder, for best results use ScanNCut branded vinyl. Optional accessories required, sold separately.

icon Blade Sensor Technology Revolutionary, cutting machine detects the height (thickness) of the material. No need to select material type nor adjust blade depth before cutting.

icon Cut Thicker Materials Brother introduces the home and hobby electronic cutting machine blade that cuts up to 0.1” (3 mm) in thickness. Cut a wide-variety of materials* like foam and felt virtually effortlessly with Auto Blade.

icon Whisper Quiet Cuts and scans with little noise compared to previous models. The redesigned, quieter mechanism is perfect for use in small office or business setting where noise can be very distracting!

icon We have released a new version of ScanNCutCutCanvas. Tablet and smartphone friendly, please refer to the help document on ScanNCutCanvas for a list of compatible devices. On-the-go editing! Transfer files via the ScanNCut Online feature available with ScanNCut2 (activation card required).

icon Now work with CanvasWorkspace offline with the new PC-Based Software. Create and edit cut files, access FREE templates, perform image tracing and more. CanvasWorkspace PC-Based Software is compatible with all Brother cutting machines.

icon Now Available for Download! CanvasWorkspace is a new PC-based software that combines the versatility of your favorite design software and the power of your Brother cutting machines, giving you the ability to create unique cut files and more.

icon Genuine Supplies & Accessories For best results, use Brother genuine supplies and accessories.

icon Roll Feed Cuter. Trimmer Blade Cutter

Do all prior ScanNCut accessories for CM650 work wtih the new SDX225? Yes, all except the mats and blades. Brother
how do I do mirror cut on iron on vinyl?
Hi Carol, On the machine they classify mirror cutting as a half cut. When you have your image ready on your screen and have flipped it hit okay. It should then ask you to pick if you want to cut, draw, emboss etc. Select cut. On the next screen you should see a wrench icon. Select that then scroll down and you will see where it says half cut. Select ON. Below that should be half cut pressure and it will most likely be on zero. I raised mine to a one and haven't had any issues with it. Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions. Courtney Douthat
Ok I tried it and it worked thanks was very concerned since it wouldn't cut through on looked like embossing after setting on cut. Carol

ScanNCut Accessories: Everything except the old blade, blade holder and mats will work with the new SDX225 and SDX125.

Q: Which models does the universal pen holder work with?
A: The universal pen holder works with all ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 CM650W models.

Q: Is the touch pen & spatula stand available as an accessory for my current ScanNCut machine?
A: No. The touch pen & spatula is only available with the ScanNCut2 CM650W/X models.

Q: Can the ScanNCut Online (WLAN) activation code be used multiple times?
A: The ScanNCut Online (WLAN) activation code can be used for 1 SacnNCUt2 machine. Please be sure to keep your activation card in a safe place in case you need to reference the 16 digit-code again.

Q: Can the ScanNCut Online (WLAN) activation code be used with previous models of ScanNCut machines?
A: No. The previous models of the ScanNCut machine are not wireless network ready. The activation card can only be used with ScanNCut2 models.

Q: Can I use multiple ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace accounts wirelessly with my ScanNCut2 machine?
A: Only one ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace account can be tied to the machine and be used at one-time. However, you can alternate between ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace accounts. Please refer to the Wireless Network Guide for more information.

Q: How do I save my .PES/.PHC file for use in the ScanNCut2 machine?
A: Please make sure your file contains applique stitch data.
Not all ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 models read .PES/>PHC data. Specifications vary by model.

Q: When I import an SVG design into ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace with very small elements, the smallest elements, disappear when I save the design to an FCM file. How can I make sure that they are included with the rest of my design?
A: The reason this is happening is that ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace will remove tiny design elements to ensure better cutting quality on the ScanNCut machine. So first determine if you really need those elements in your design as they may not cut well. For example, one reason you may want to keep them is if they are meant to be drawn, not cut. If that is the case, then simply enlarge the overall design in ScanNCutCanvasWorkspace before saving to an FCM file. You can reduce the size again after you have loaded the design on the ScanNCut machine.

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