SOLD LAST ONE 7/14/21! *SRP60 Ribber without SRP60N Carriage. SRJ-70 includes RJ1 Ribber Jacquard Carriage. This special carriage allows you to knit evenly both sides of the fabric in Double Jacquard or Multi Coloured Jacquard stitches, making every alternate needle knit Slip Stitch on the ribber side. Long ago you could buy an SRP60N Ribber for basic ribber functions, then add the new SRJ Ribber Jacquard carriage as a separate carriage.Now the only Ribber Jacquard function available is included with the SRJ70 Ribber and SRJ70 Ribber Carriage package. So you need both ribbers to do all ribber functions

Note: AllBrands bought the last remaining Singer brand Silver Reed SRJ-70 Jacquard Carriage Ribbers new in box when Singer went out of the knitting machine business. We did so because the separate ribber jacquard carriages by themselves were no longer being manufactured by Silver Reed in Japan. SRJ-70 ribbers are for for the standard 4.5 gauge SK210-840 knitting machines, and not for the 3.6mm fine gauge knitters as the SRJ70 model number might suggest.

SRJ70 ribbers do not have all the ribbing features of SRP60/N ribber carriages, but are a welcome addition to SK knitters who want to add the birds eye jacquard capability to regular ribbing capabilities.. You can even use the SRJ70 Carriage on your SRP60N ribber, if you already have one.

We are putting these limited quantity SRJ70 Ribbers online for the first time. Carriage dial and levers and bed rails have all been oiled and checked. Carriage has been tested back and forth across the bed with needles and latches in working position.
John Douthat, Owner & Tech.

  • Made for Silver Reed manufactured SK840 or SK280 current 4.5mm gauge knitting machine models. Also for older model SK210, SK700, SK740, SK500, SK580 whether Singer, Silver Reed, Studio or Knitmaster Empisal brands, also by Silver Reed.
  • Converts your machine into a 400 needle double bed machine.
  • Will add a whole new dimension to your knitting that can produce an incredible variety of rib stitches

    Download Instruction Book for RJ1 Ribber Carriage
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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icon Singer Silver Reed SRJ70 Birds Eye Jacquard Carriage on 4.5mm Gauge Ribber

Phillipa B, Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, QUEBEC
arrived in perfect condition

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