SEBO X4, X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners from Germany

Additional Information:
The SEBO Story. Who Is SEBO? We’re not a household name, But . . . •We are the world’s #1 manufacturer of commercial vacuum cleaners. Our vacuums are easily found at these prestige addresses: •Marriott Hotels •Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts •Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts •Bellagio – Las Vegas •Wynn Hotel – Las Vegas •The White House •The U.S. Capital •Most hospitals, colleges campuses, public schools •For over 27 years we have been the leading innovator among vacuum manufacturers, introducing the world to many features commonly found on today’s modern vacuum cleaners: •1st upright vacuum with a detail wand and hose •1st sealed system upright vacuum •1st upright vacuum with HEPA-type filtration •1st vacuum with electronic automatic brush height adjustment •1st clutch-protected belt to eliminate belt breakage •1st quiet-design upright vacuum Now the World’s Most Dependable Vacuums are Available to Household Consumers . . . Get to Know SEBO Vacuums.

SEBO Warranty Coverage Increased:SEBO is pleased to announce our new warranty! We have increased our motor warranty from 5 yearsto 7 years, making it one of the best in the industry.Therefore, effectively immediately, all new SEBO vacuums have a 7-year motor, 5-year parts, and 5-year labor warranty. Feb 15, 2015.