Includes Larger Bobbins, 360 Degree Rotation of Top Feed, 1/4" Sewing Thickness Capacity, 13/32" Walking Foot Presser Foot Lift, Maximum Stitch Length 3.5 SPI Stitches Per Inch, Speed up to 500 SPM Stitches Per Minute, Hand Crank Mounted on Front of Machine.

Techsew 2900L Industrial Sewing Machine

18" Cylinder Long Arm Leather Patching Machine Head Only

Class 29 leather stitcher shoe patch type machines have a foot that can rotate. It can sew up to 7mm thick and has the most narrow cylinder arm of any industrial sewing machine.

*Comes with 360° Top Feed, 13/32" Presser Foot Lift, Stitch Length Adjustable to 3.5 SPI Stitches Per Inch, up to 500 SPM Stitches Per Minute Speed, Hand Crank for Needle Positioning, insertion and removal of materials being sewn.

The Techsew 2900L is the finest in leather patching machines, designed for repairing shoes, boots and purses and sewing patches onto leather.

  • 1-4/32" or 1.125" 28.575mm cylinder arm diameter
  • 18" Long narrow cylinder arm
  • Large bobbin
  • Oscillating Shuttle
  • 360 degree rotating presser foot for sewing in any direction
  • 1/4" foot lift sewing capacity
  • Can be manually operated by hand
  • Includes needles, bobbins, tools, instruction manual
  • Industrial Shoe Repair, Leather Patching Machine
  • Machine comes inspected, oiled, adjusted and READY TO SEW

  • Cylinder arm length: 18"
  • Sewing capacity: 1/4"
  • Maximum sewing speed: 500 SPM
  • Needle system: 135x17
  • Needle sizes: #16 to #20
  • Thread sizes: #46 to #90

  • Used for repairing leather materials and shoe uppers
  • Universal upper feed for stitching in any direction without turning work
  • Oscillating shuttle
  • Handwheel can be mounted on front or right end of machine
  • Adjustable thread take-up lever
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure and thread tension
  • Machine can be driven by Optional foot treadle, hand crank or electric motor with stand

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Included Accessories

  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Tools
  • Instruction Manual
Other Images

icon 18" Long Cylinder Arm Bed

icon Stitch Length Adjustable to 3.5 SPI Stitches Per Inch, up to 500 SPM Stitches Per Minute Speed

icon Easy bobbin insertion and removal for winding.