Ideal for heavy duty projects: terry towels, quilt sandwiches, sweatshirts, canvas totes, fleece and any other item that needs a monster grip.
Easy to use: Making adjustments to hooped fabric is a snap. Go ahead and give the fabric a tug—there's no risk of puckering.
Avoid hoop burn: Snap Hoop Monster comes with a flat magnetic top and metal bottom frame—this unique design prevents hoop burn.
Free-arm ability: Snap Hoop Monster for Quick-Snap includes a machine attachment specific to the multi-needle machine. Simply attach and snap the hoop into place. The free-arm is maintained on your machine. Easily slide tote bags, sweatshirts and more without the risk of stitching the items closed.

Snap Hoop Monster for Quick Snap Set Includes:

Snap-Hoop Monster Top Frame
Metal base plate
Quick-Snap attachment (designed to fit on multi-needle machine - only available for specific machines, see order info below. Click on video above to watch demo)
Magnet Shield
Adhesive Rulers
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
I have been unable to use the large frame as my machine keeps telling me to switch to the large frame.

This is an easy fix. Your machine is not recognizing the adaptor for the Quick Snap. The finger on the adaptor is not making good enough contact with the sensor on your machine.

Take the adaptor off the machine. Press down just a little bit on the finger on the adaptor. Place the adaptor back on the machine and download a large design to your machine. Do this in small increments until the error goes away. Do not press the finger down too far because you will have the same type of problem. The finger should extend 1/8 – 1/4” past the sensor.

Since the machine cannot recognize the size of the hoop, how do you get your design in the center?

Your machine only recognizes the hoops which came with your machine. The Quick Snap frames cannot overwrite what your machine does. You will need to use your template to center the design in the quick snap frame you are using. Your machine will automatically go to the center of the frame that it thinks is on. You will have to manually center the first needle over the center of your design.

The large frame does not work with my machine. When I set up the design and press the edit button on my machine it tells me that I need to use the larger hoop and then it does not allow me to embroider. I also have fast frames and have no trouble using the large frame with them. Is there a trick to using the quick snap frames.

The machine is not recognizing the adaptor on the machine. It will not show up until you put the larger hoop in the machine. To fix the problem, take the adaptor off the machine if you haven't already done so. The little finger on the top of the adaptor which goes over the sensor from the machine needs to be pushed toward the adaptor body just a little bit. To do that, turn the adaptor upside down so the bottom of the adaptor is facing you. Use a hard surface and press the finger toward the adaptor. Do this in very small increments. Put the adaptor back on the machine in between and load a large design. Repeat this process until the error goes away.
Valerie K, Waxhaw NC
Telephone customer service needs improvement , person has no knowledge of product only reads description that being said, you email customer service is excellent .