Backorder of construction parts leaves the Uniquely You form unavailable in the near future,
not able to get all the parts needed to assemble forms and stands, do not know when. No ETA

Optional Fabulous Fit Patented Dress Form Fitting System 17 Contoured Pads Fit Under 2 Cotton Body Covers. Duplicate your size and shape on any dress form or mannequin

Please use chart below when ordering dress form.
Select ONLY the cover size across from your form size or your shipment will be delayed.

Directions to select the proper dress form and cover size:

1. Take the measurements over under garments at the fullest part of hip and
bust to the closest half-inch

2. Select your form size according to hip measurement

3. Then select your cover size according to your bust measurement. The chart
applies even if you are short-waist (half-size) or long waist.

4. Select only the cover size across from your form size

  • Available In Five Sizes
  • Made Of Pinable Foam Rubber
  • Durable Regular Weight Cotton Cover Ideal For Fitting One Person
  • Made of durable soft polyurethane also known as foam rubber
  • Pre-constructed cover/shell included
  • Adjustable to your height for hemming
  • Turns a full 360 degrees
  • Realistic bust with adjustable "bust string" to obtain natural cleavage

  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Made of durable soft polyurethane also known as foam rubber
  • Pre-constructed cover/shell NOT included
  • Realistic bust
  • Several women can use the same form with the use of individual covers
  • Should you change size, simply re-adjust the cover seams to fit your new shape
  • Smooth, non-broken body sewing surface
  • Consumer accepted for 25 years
  • Ultra durable - you can hem on it, steam press on it, pin it, drape on it, baste on it, design and tailor on it
  • It is unique for a few reasons; the most obvious being that it is soft. It is made of "high density" foam that allows you to pin into it easily, great for the sewer who uses the draping technique of pattern drafting. Being made of foam means it is ideal for use by corset makers as it can be squeezed and shaped much like the human body.

  • The foam can squish in to become smaller, but the only way to make it bigger is to pad it out with batting. Also, don't be afraid to cut into it if you need to. Just be careful and try to round it out as well as possible. I give some tips on how to do this toward the end of the video.
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    Uniquely You Dress Form Review & Comparison

    November 19, 2013

    My Uniquely You Dressform. I found my Uniquely You at for the lowest price and it arrived promptly. Diana

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