This kit contains the very essentials needed to get you off to a good start with your new AMAYA
embroidery machine.

  • A set of 16 cones of Madeira #40 Polyneon Thread.

  • A Madeira Polyneon Color Card.

  • A sample of three different types of Backing for stabilizing your embroidery on both flat and cap goods.

  • A sample of the E-Zee Aqua® Just Right Topping used to enhance your embroidery.

  • An E-Zee Embroidery Backing & Topping® Guide.

  • A sample of pre-wound, paper sided Polyester Bobbins.

  • Two different sizes of Needles:
    • The Madeira 65/9 Regular Sharp needles should be used for small and detailed stitches such as small
    lettering. The sharp point works well on most types of materials.
    • The Organ DB-K5 PD 75/11 Titanium Sharp needles should be used for larger fields of stitches such as fills
    or large column elements. The sharp point works well on most types of materials.

    Note: The DB-K5 75/11 Organ Ball Point needles factory installed on your new AMAYA machine work well on typical flat embroidery fills and columns.

  • A pair of Thread Nippers and Tweezers

  • 16 Spool/Cone Holders that can be installed on the AMAYA Thread Pallet to provide proper support for Madeira thread spools.

    Note: Please refer to the guidelines provided in this Starter Kit on how to properly use Madeira
    thread spools and cones with the AMAYA.

  • Sixteen Large Thread Tree Clovers (Melco PN 33820) that should be used for larger cones to prevent potential
    vibration or spinning of the cones on the AMAYA Thread Pallet during machine operation.

  • A copy of the Madeira Source Guide providing you with Madeira’s full line of embroidery thread and supplies.

  • Guidelines for properly using Madeira Thread on the AMAYA machine.
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