Small Pictured - Clear, plastic sewing box - 8" x 4" with a removable tray. Great for organization and storage of supplies!

Medium - Clear, plastic sewing box - 10" x 6" with a removable tray. Perfect for organization and storage of supplies.

XL - 15" x 8" x 6".

New storage boxes by Bohin France:
The NEW clear storage boxes by Bohin France offer smart storage solutions for your sewing and crafting supplies. The NEW small 8" x 4", and medium 10" x 6" boxes, have removable trays to keep supplies easily accessible and portable. The XL 15" x 8" x 6" box contains 3 compartment layers, with the two top compartments fanning out for easy visibility and access.
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icon Medium - 10" x 6"

icon XL - 15" x 8" x 6"