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The Rex RX3044 is a top of the line Serger built strong and durable for a long-lasting experience. The RX3044 Serger comes with a hand trim catcher, adjustable cutting dial, and quick & easy threading to reduce eye strain.

More Rex RX3044 Serger Features:

  • A built-in cutting width gauge

  • A slide on seam guide for more accurate measurement.

  • An electronic speed control for greater versatility.

  • A presser foot pressure regulator dial to quickly adjust for different materials.

  • The differential feed allows smooth seams on a variety of fabrics and can also be used for gathering.

  • Built-in light & handle

  • Buy it Brand New!
  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Model: Rex RX-3044
  • Overedge Stitch Width: 4-7mm
  • Differential Feed Ratio: 0.7-2.00
  • Pressure Foot Rise: 4-5Mm
  • Stitch Length: 1-5mm
  • Sewing Speed: 1000rpm
Included Accessories
  • Edgeguide
  • Regular Presser Foot
  • Lint Brush
  • Stitch Fingers
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Needles
  • Thread caps
  • Spool holders
  • Thread Nets
  • Thread Disks
  • Oil
  • Wrench
  • Tweezers
  • Instruction Booklet
Mrs. Annette, I have a customer that has a white 2000ats serger. She wants to do a ruffle on the serged edge, or she calls it "lettuce leaf edge" how would this be done on this serger? or can it even be done?

Seth, there is a ruffler foot that comes with the White 2000ats/2900d serger and is optional on other brands, but it is only effective on lightweight fabrics and only up to 2:1 gather ratio on one layer of fabric under the foot, or one flat layer in the slot on top while the second layer that gathers underneath the foot. You can increase the gather ratio by tightening the needle tensions, finger pressing the needle thread above or below the tension knobs, and/or holding your finger behind the foot to let the gathers bunch up even more. Try it. It works!
PS. Lettuce edge works on knit fabrics with or without a gathering foot, if you stretch the fabric front to back while serging. When you relax the stretched knit fabric, it will become lettuce edged.