Considering the manufacturing and shipping issues relating to TG Series irons, Oliso is taking a preemptive measure and cancelling all existing customer purchase orders for TG1050, TG1100 and TG1600 irons. With respect to TG1050 and TG1100, we will not take new orders until such time as those models are scheduled for production, timing of which is uncertain. While production of TG1600 irons has just started after CNY (Chinese New Year), the schedule is not yet firm and we hope to have stock to be able to ship beginning in May. As the schedule firms up, we will begin taking purchase orders in April. Oliso

TG1100 GREY, 1800 Watts, Auto Lift Legs, Auto Shut Off and Bypass, 8 Minute Off, 30 Second Off with Tip Over, 4Lbs, Chromium Stainless Steel Soleplate. This Iron Has Legs!

The Oliso TG1100 Steam Iron includes patented Scorchguards™ that lift with the touch of your hand and lower when you've stopped ironing – so no more burning, scorching, or tipping! This state-of-the-art iron provides OnePass™ Pressing with powerful vertical and horizontal steam to remove the toughest wrinkles. Includes auto shut off, anti-drip system, rapid heating with 1800 watts of power, and a durable chromium finish that glides effortlessly.

The Oliso® Smart Iron® features Oliso's patented iTouch® technology. What’s that? Just the easiest ironing experience ever. Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. Iron those wrinkle away! Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards® lift the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns, and tipping. The easiest, safest, and dare we say it... most fun way to iron.

Patented dual heating element technology ensures continuous ‘dry’ steam even at low
pressing temperatures and the auto shut-off bypass means your
iron is ready to press when you are!

iTouch Technology that automatically lifts and lowers the iron. Just touch the handle to see Auto-Liftª technology! TIME Magazine names Oliso Iron one of the "Best Inventions"

The all new TG1100 features iTouch Technology, a complete digital experience that makes ironing faster, more efficient, and fun

Enhanced iTouch Technology digitally activates patented Extra wide scorch guards that lift iron on and off fabric with the simple touch of your hand. Our widest scorch guards ever.

  • Quicker Pressing up to 30% less ironing time
  • Less Strain no more repetitive lifting, iron stays horizontal
  • Safer Ironing minimize burns, scorching, and tipping
  • Zero-Drip prevents spitting and leaking when iron is hot

    Double Duty Deep Penetrating Heat
  • 1800 watts with variable heat
  • Digitally controlled temperature provides consistent, precise heating
  • Press through multiple layers at once

    Triple Play Xtreme Steam
  • Continuous steam for crisp results in a single pass
  • Horizontal burst of steam eliminates the toughest wrinkles
  • Vertical burst of steam easily removes wrinkles from hanging items

    Redesigned Premium Stainless Steel Soleplate
  • Bead Blast finish Improves glide & durability,
    resistance to scratches
  • Expanded steam holes for consistent steam flow and
  • New Pointed tip gets into tighter spaces

    Large, 12.7 oz Side Fill Water Tank
  • Ergonomic design means no more awkward filling or
    water spills. Saves time, fill under faucet

    Ergonomic Design
  • All controls at your fingertips
  • Easy-access, 7-level fabric selector

    Quad Auto Shut-off
  • Shuts heat off after idle, lifted or on its heel, after 30 seconds if knocked over, 30 seconds if left
    horizontal with ITouch over-ridden
    Winner of the following awards

    Oliso® Smart Irons make ironing fun and safer! With our patented, award-winning iTouch™ technology, just touch the handle and the iron lowers. Let go and it raises off the board. No lifting, no tipping, no leaking. Now that's smart!

    Click Here to View the Oliso Iron Brochure and Comparison Chart for Oliso Smart Irons: TG1050, TG1100, and TG1600 (.PDF)
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Model No.: TG1100
UPC: 850769001356
Weight Est.: 3 lbs 8 oz
Dimensions Est.: 12.7” x 5.62” x 7.87”

* Redesigned premium stainless steel soleplate features a Bead Blast finish to improve glide and durability as well as resistance to scratches. Expanded Steam holes for consistent steam flow and dispersement
* Triple Play Xtreme Steam
o Continuous Steam
o Vertical and Horizontal Bursts
* Quad Auto-Shut Off
o Shuts heat off after 8 minutes idle or on its heel
o 30 seconds if tipped over
* Anti Drip, Anti-Calcium and Self-Cleaning Systems
* Extra long 10' 8"' power cord
* 1800 Watts
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icon Iron Lowers when it senses your hand wraps around the handle

icon Detailer Tip

icon This Iron Has Legs!

icon Soleplate

icon Fill Port

icon Side View

icon Soleplate

icon In the Box

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I had a great experience dealing with Allbrands, I'm sure if I have any needs in the future I have high up on my list, Thanks

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Everything was delivered as promised. NOthing was missing or defective. I will definatley search your website for any future needs. Thanks

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