Made from the highest quality commercial grade material, these double sided, color contrast mats are highly durable with a self healing surface that actually repairs itself. Designed for both left & right handed individuals. Double sided for extra longevity. Has a dark & light side to show the contrast in colors of the project you are working on. Marked with 1/2" gridlines, 1/8" increments along the edge & 45-, 60- & 90-degree angles, with clearly detailed cutting graphics. 26"x38".

The Martelli Cutting Mat is the most durable cutting mat on the market today. It is designed to the highest commercial standards to provide a durable, high-quality cutting surface.

Our durable, heavy-duty, double-sided cutting mat has a self-healing surface that renders deep cuts undetectable within minutes.

Measurements are printed along the outside of the mat, and along its center axes, and are marked in 1/8” increments. The cutting surface mat also features gridlines in 1/2” increments. Concentric squares are printed in multiple sizes to make squaring up blocks quick and easy, and 45-degree and 60-degree angles are marked across the entire mat surface, for both right- and left-hand.

Our 26″x 38″ cutting mat is made from commercial-grade materials, so it is very durable. With the use of our ergonomic rotary cutter, the mat is self-healing. It is also double-sided for the contrasting of colors. One side is yellow (for darker materials) and one side is purple (for lighter materials). If you lay out a few layers of fabric or use the heat resistant material that you can find at Joann’s, you can iron on the mat! Just make sure you have the entire mat covered so you don’t bleed the measurements. The measurements are printed along the outside of the mat and along its center axes so you don’t have to worry about covering up your numbers with your fabric or rulers. Most mats like this are 24″x 36″ from edge-to-edge. We made our measurements 26″x 38″ and we added an extra inch on each side so that you can actually cut a full yard of fabric. The mat also features 45-degree and 60-degree angles as well as concentric squares for squaring up your blocks. To increase the life span of your mat, use our rotary cutter and blades.

The mat is double-sided for extra longevity, and has a dark and light side to show contrast with whatever project you are working on at the moment. Our mat provides will last a long, long time and provide a well-planned work surface for cutting fabric and other materials for projects.

  • Size : 26″x 38″ is a good size for a stationary mat to do most of your cutting.
  • Measurements : The mat has measurements all the way down to 1/8″ so you can rely on it for measuring.
  • Double-Sided: Two sides for contrasting colors.
  • Heat tolerant: With several layers of fabric covering the mat, you can iron on it.
  • Self-healing: The mat is self-healing to an extent, but works best with our cutter.