"Suck the lint and thread out of your sewing machine with these vacuum attachments, rather than blowing the lint back into the machine with canned air or air compressors." John Douthat, Owner & Tech

Mini tool kit for detailing. Has a 36" long hose and straight pipe,angled pip along with micro crevice tool and dusting brush and an oval dusting brush.

OEM #23-4900-04 Black Fits 1-1/4"

Convert any vacuum into a powerful micro vac and clean the smallest areas. Easily attaches to any,vacuum hose. Clean computers, office machines, auto interiors, sewing machines, stereo and video,equipment. Alternative number 7625

Now it is possible to convert your full-size vacuum cleaner into a micro-vacuum cleaner with the revolutionary patented Micro Vacuum Attachment Kit. The eight-piece kit comes with an adapter that connects these tools any vacuum. Cleaning dust from sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and keyboards, VCRs, CD and DVD players can be done with ease. Sewing machines, sergers, dollhouses, figurines and even delicate collectibles can be thoroughly cleaned, even studio, guitar equipment, and your favorite keyboards...

* Allows you to clean those places that were previously inaccessible with standard size vacuum cleaner attachments
* Comes with universal vented adapter, connector, 36" flexible hose, oval brush, round brush, crevice tool, straight & curved extension wands
* Anti-static plastic

Compare to Sewing machine hand vacuum cleaner by Riccar.
Instead of blowing dirt and lint further into crevices, use these attachments to clean your sewing machine, serger, VCR, and computer keyboard. Includes special adaptor to attach to any vacuum hose, oval and round brushes, crevice tool, and two extensions.

  • Mini attachments for all vacuums
  • Attaches to any vacuum cleaner hose with the adaptor
  • Includes the following parts:
    Curved extension pipe
    Connector fitting
    Straight extension pipe
    Oval Brush
    Round Brush
    Crevice Tool
    35" Flexible hose

  • 7 Piece Micro-Attachment Set for All Brands of Vacuum Cleaners
  • Includes 35mm 1.25" Adaptor For Metric to Regular Sized Brands
  • Works With Miele Vacuums, Bosch, Sebo, Hoover, Eureka, Shark, Electrolux, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Fuller Brush and more.
  • Perfect for cleaning detailed areas such as cars and bookshelves
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