Happy Embroidery Machines JAPAN

Additional Information:
Newsflash: Texmac Itochu Happy Industrial Embroidery Machine launches a new generation of HAPPY embroidery machines with numerous refinements, most significantly a new, user-friendly touch screen control panel.


TEXMAC Inc. was established in 1974, a little over a century after the founding of its grandparent company, ITOCHU Corporation (Northern Japan) in 1858. From ITOCHU Corp., TEXMAC inherits its legacy of strength and vision. And from its parent company, ITOCHU International, inc, TEXMAC traces its American roots, which go back more than a century. TEXMAC Inc. is a member of ITOCHU's Machinery Group division that imports and exports a vast array of machines ranging from pocket calculators to satellites. As a natural extension of its century-old tradition in the textile trade, TEXMAC began as a leading importer and exporter of textile machinery, and continues to hold this position today. At the same time, TEXMAC continues to develop new markets in semiconductor, printed circuit board, composite material, ceramic, plastic, air bag, film and apparel machinery. Some of the industries they support include: Photovoltaic, Battery, Printed Circuit Board, Synthetic Fibers, Packaging, Embroidery and Screen Printing.

Click Here to View the Texmac Happy You Tube Channel for Demonstrations on their Multi Needle, and Multi Head Professional and Commercial Embroidery Machines Made in Northern Japan(.PDF)