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BERNINA made more innovative leaps in the 90s. The top-of-the-line 1630 model features 9mm (3/8 in.) stitch width, over 400 stitch patterns, monograms, 5 alphabets and enables sewing in 16 directions.


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  • US Warranty 30 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
The BERNINA 1630 is a multifunction machine for sewing, quilting, embroidery and other types of stitches. Unlike the older machines from the past, this computerized sewing machine model lets you put away some of the crafting magazines and books with the patterns that you love, save space and still use the designs on a regular basis. Instead, store them in the BERNINA 1630’s MR memory that has nine storage slots with 70 spaces for each one. These sewing machines have an SP stitch design program allows users to complete different number and letter stitch combinations to create specific themes or make intricate designer patterns. Use these patterns again after saving them to the machine’s built-in memory. Also, the software for this BERNINA model allows you to transfer the specific patterns you love from different computers to the sewing machine and save them. The BERNINA 1630 model comes with theme design keys. Similar to flash drives, the keys only work when you insert them, and they use none of the machine’s memory. Always turn off the BERNINA when entering keys or taking them out to prevent damage to the key or the sewing machine. The keys that come with the BERNINA 1630 are designs for borders, country quilting, hearts, flowers, sports, Christmas and other celebrations. Blank ones are also available to create more of the emblems, personal monograms and other designs you love without using the sewing machine’s memory. With the BERNINA to help you follow patterns, maintain the right speed for the needle, feed the fabric and control the direction, it’s possible to fall in love with sewing. Along with the keys, this sewing machine comes with other accessories such as an extension table for large stitching, quilting, and embroidery projects, as well as a storage case to keep it free of dirt, dust and other debris that could damage it. The large LED screen allows users to program each pattern and still have enough room to guide the needle through the material comfortably, quickly change needles or the bobbins for spools of thread. BERNINA sewing machines sew patterns in 16 directions including switching between straight and zigzag patterns without having to stop and turn the fabric, saving time. They come with a standard, all-purpose presser foot to hold down the material as you work. Different feet are available, such as an even feed walking foot to sew multiple layers of fabric and a roller foot to sew thicker materials like denim, velvet, and leather. These BERNINA sewing machines fit 11 different feet. Other ones include an overlook foot that is wider a provides a better view, a buttonhole foot for creating various buttonhole sizes, a narrow foot for working on the hemlines of delicate fabrics and a cording foot to embellish garments and other materials. Learning is part of the BERNINA package. This machine also comes with a complete guide and a CD to take users through each step of using their new computerized Bernina. Whether you are just learning to sew or make clothing and other linens, the BERNINA model that combines an embroidery, sewing, quilting and serger machine into one is the machine to consider.
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