One Left! All metal regular sewing machine head with On Off commercial ruffling device built-in that will gather one layer of fabric or one layer to another flat layer up to 6 to 1 gather ratio for fabrics, velveteen, drapery and lace.

  • Up To 900 Stitches Per Minute
  • All-Metal Construction
  • Can Ruffle up to 6 Feet of Fabric Into 1 Foot of Space
  • Ruffles 1 Layer Or 1 Layer To Flat Fabric
  • Convert To Straight Stitch Without Ruffle
  • Portable Ruffling Machine HA-1, JA-2 Head
  • Includes Wiring & Foot Control
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • All metal construction and portable
  • Light Assembly Installation Included FREE
  • Will ruffle lace, net, ribbons, drapery, velvet, and some upholstery materials
  • Has up to 6 times gathering ratio
  • Ruffles up to six feet of ruffling fabric onto one foot of flat single, doubled fabric or six feet or flat fabric into one foot of ruffled fabric
  • Comes with foot control and wiring assembly
  • Fits into portable case or cabinet
  • Power: 7000 RPM, 90 watts, .9 amp motor
  • Weight: 30 lbs shipping weight
  • Instructions and Tools included
  • Drapery Plate for adding Headers up to 4-5"
  • Dress Plate for adding ruffled lace to square dance costumes, etc.

    Demo on Johnson Ruffler Machine (No longer available under Johnson name)

    Dragonfly JA Hand Crank Heavy Duty Sewing Machine without motor, Identical to Singer 15K

    See Current You Tube Videos on Johnson Ruffling Ruffler Sewing Machine
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icon JRM Dragonfly Portable Ruffling Sewing Machine

Denzil, Jamaica, NY
There was an error made in delivery of my scissors. maybe that was UPS's fault? In any event your staff was good enough to call me and provide me with a follow up e-mail advising of status of resolution. That was reassuring. I have built real confidence in your service. Thank you and keep up the good work. I would be a lifetime customer with that kind of service.

Tony K, Reading UK
The machine works well but the finish is not really the same quality as other makes. But I was not expecting too much from a small outfit, and I am am still well satisfied. Your customer service was by e-mail and very satisfactory. Shipping was far quicker than I expected. Our "Customs and Excise" charged a lot, but the transaction was well worthwhile. Thank you again. Regards Tony

Judy M, Lake Orion MI
My shipment came 4 days from ordering. Your price on my ruffler was the cheapest I could find on-line. I am very happy with your service. Thank-You, Judy Lynn's Draperies, Inc. Lake Orion, Michigan

USPTO, Patent 4583472
United States Patent 4583472 Link to this page: Abstract:A sewing machine for making ruffles and a ruffler attachment comprises a base, an upstanding standard mounted on the base, an overhanging arm mounted at one end thereof on the upper end of the standard, a head carried by the other end of the arm and including a reciprocating needle bar and a presser foot, feed means are carried by the base beneath the presser foot and cooperating therewith to feed the material being sewn, and drive means for the needle bar and the feed means. A ruffling mechanism comprises an auxiliary shaft having its opposite ends journaled in the standard and the head for oscillatory movement and disposed in parallel relation to the overhanging arm. An elongate member is mounted at the end of the auxiliary shaft adjacent the head for movement with the auxiliary shaft and extends downwardly and outwardly therefrom to its outer end which is disposed in front of the presser foot. A ruffler blade is carried by the other end of the elongate member and extends rearwardly therefrom toward the presser foot and is adapted to engage the material being sewn and to push the material toward the presser foot upon oscillatory movement of the shaft and the elongate member in one direction to form ruffles therein and to retract forwardly upon oscillatory movement of the auxiliary shaft and elongate member in the other direction. Apparatus is also provided for connecting the shaft to the drive means for the needle bar for oscillating the shaft in timed relation to the reciprocation of the needle bar.