Join us virtually for Mr. Veronelli's exclusive thread lecture featuring Aurifil Thread! Learn how the thread is made in the factory, weight of thread, materials, and more. This event is only available for a limited time to people who preregister here. Reserved questions will be entered to randomly win a giveaway! We will be offering specials on Aurifil Thread for attendees only.

The Aurifil thread company was found in 1983 by Angelo Gregotti and Adolfo Veronelli. The company is based near Milan and is now in its second generation of ownership, with Alex and the daughter of Mr. Gregotti at the helm. The 270 colors of Aurifil's 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, 50wt and Floss plus more than 200 designer collections prove that Aurifil is committed to giving sewers and quilters the best creative experience possible.

Manufacturers of cheaper threads use a waxing/firing process that actually creates "nubs" within the thread, which then causes problems with machines. Learn how Aurifil uses technical steps of thread-making such as Singeing, Mercerizing, and Drying will be shown.
Twisting: Taking 2 plies and twisting them together. Each thread manufacturer has their own formula of twists per inch.

Thermofastening: Immersing the materials in a steam bath.

Dyeing: All threads are test-dyed before a mass dye of the skeins. Just a few yards are test-dyed and compared with the Color Card. Corrections to the dye may need to be made with the help of computer software that gives information on a color's specific light reflection/refraction. Plus, each color of dye has a different recipe, including time and temperature.

Drying: Threads are dried in a large underground oven. Temperature is closely regulated, as too high a temperature
will compromise the quality of threads.

This lecture is not available to the general public, and will only be available to preregistered attendees. Reserve your spot today!