Trevor Conquergood is an educational leader in the industry, whose Floriani Software workshops have informed and entertained embroidery software users for years. Here’s the latest in his line of training DVD’s for Floriani:

"Sketch" your next Embroidery Masterpiece with this training DVD for the new Sketch A Stitch software from Floriani! There's over 4 hours of educational video included, divided into several sections from a quick start guide on the software to more advanced tips and & techniques that will have you "sketching" with confidence in no time!

A perfect entry point for non-embroiderers , watch the first few minutes of video and go for it. The Sketchers Only Quick Start video is the fastest way to learn how to open an image, set the hoop size and zoom in and out so you can start sketching.

You’ll enjoy meeting Trevor’s family in a video to share their experiences with Sketch a Stitch and they will show you what beautiful embroidery your friends and family will make with a little help from you - the embroiderer in your family! Trevor’s goal with this video is to help you learn what it takes to make a beautiful design so you can enjoy sharing your passion for embroidery with all of your favorite people!