Built almost entirely of Steel in Switzerland, the Bernina 930 is a forever machine. This heirloom quality machine is user friendly and easy to clean and maintain. This product has been inspected, tested, and serviced by a sewing machine technician. The Bernina 930 gives you good-looking patterns for your embroidery, quilting, or basic sewing projects. The adjustable needle position in this Bernina embroidery machine provides 14 basic stitches and 12 fancy stitches. The thread cutter in this Bernina sewing machine allows you to get cleaner finish with professional look. The Bernina 930 has an automatic bobbin winder that wind by itself so that you get greater convenience. The 5-step button in this Bernina embroidery machine lets you create the kind of button you require with ease. The free arm in this Bernina sewing machine allow you sew things like pant, shorts, pull over shirts and skirts. The Bernina 930 has a mechanism of quick and continuous reverse stitching that lets you produce your stitch effortlessly.

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Included Accessories
· New replacement foot control

· Used OEM power cord

· Carrying case

· Extension table

· Original accessory box

· Knee Lift

· 016 foot

· 285 foot

· 145 foot

· 419 foot

· 452 foot

· 470 foot

· Hardware to attach machine to a table

· Quilt guide

· Small circular embroidery hoop looking thing

· 5 OEM bobbins
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icon Original Carrying Case