Sold 9/3/22! Fully Serviced with In Store Repair Warranty, The Brother PE-770 is a computerized embroidery machine that is compatible with USB Memory Sticks! Import designs up to a maximum of 5” x 7”. Utilize the Brother Memory Card Library for even more designs. Now you can embellish everything from home décor to T-shirts with one of 136 built-in embroidery patterns which include delicate scroll work, intricate florals, classic quilt patterns and so much more.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

  • Maximum Embroidery Speed (stitches per minute): 650
  • Decorative Patterns: 136
  • Embroidery Rotation: 1 degree, 10 degree, or 90 degree increments
  • Media Recognition: USB Host, Memory Card
  • Monogramming Fonts: 6
  • Border and Frame Patterns: 10 frames, 12 borders
  • On-Screen Editing: Yes
  • Display Control Panel: Monochrome, backlit 1.6" x 3" touch screen
  • Compatible with PE-Design, PED Basic: Yes
  • Design Memory: Yes
  • Compatible Media (requires separate purchase): Memory Card, Memory Stick
  • Embroidery Data Formats: pes (PE-Design®)
  • On-Screen Help: Yes
  • Carrying Case Style Dust Cover with machine handle sticking out of soft plastic dust cover.
  • Included Accessory Feet: 1
  • Bobbin winding system: Super Easy System
  • Bobbin: Quick Set™ Bobbin
  • Needle Threading System: Advanced
  • Upper Thread Tension System for perfect stitches on any fabric: Automatic
  • Thread Cutter Button: Yes
  • # of needles: 1

  • USB Ports: 1
  • LCD Touch Control Panel: 1.6"x3"
  • Presser Foot Lifter: Manual
  • Super Bright Work Area: 2 LED's
  • Maximum Embroidery Field: 5"x7"
  • Embroidery File Formats: .PES and .DST embroidery data files are compatible with this machine.

  • UPC Code: 12502623489
  • Machine Dimensions: 16.77" (L) x 21.26" (W) x 17.28" (H)
  • UL/CSA Listed: yes 110

Brother automatic threader repair. 15 Minutes
Click HERE for FAQ's and Trouble Shooting on PE770 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE700 series embroidery machines may need to be run in after lubrication to loosen them up. Mechanical binds can occur in needle bar or take up lever assemblies. Remove the face plate (light cover) on the left of the upper arm. Put a drop of oil on the top and bottom of the needle bar shaft so it reaches the top and bottom of the needle bar frame support that holds the needle in place while it goes up and down. Also put a drop of oil on the metal to metal moving parts of the take up lever assembly (you can remove the 3x3" plastic tension cover under the lid on top with one phillips screw to see better). Rock the hand wheel back and forth until you get 360 degree movement. If the machine is still hot from running or binding, you must wait until it cools off before turning the handwheel. Lubrication and hand wheel rotation may solve initial binding problems. If binds persist, remove the embroidery arm and go into the service mode to run the machine at full speed without thread, needle, bobbin case, or embroidery unit. Push in the Start/Stop and Needle Up/Down buttons with two fingers at the same time while turning the machine on. Hold down the buttons until the numbered box service screen panel comes up. Select program #14 Speed. Push the start/stop button which will run the machine at full speed to work the oil into the needle bar frame support and take up lever assemblies.. Let it run as long as needed to increase the speed and motor rpm to maximum (you can hear the pitch of the motor increasing in tone until it levels off at 800 stitches per minute). Then put the embroidery arm back on, thread up and sew.

John, is the solution to the problem of hoop fitting on the PE770,
require adjustment of the embroidery arm bracket, polishing parts that interconnect, or
parts replacement?
Replacing P/N XD0442051 Y carriage Plate Sub Assy on the embroidery unit arm
will take care of this problem. Brother

I am a previous customer, back in Oct 2000, when I purchased a Brother PC3000 sewing machine from allbrands. com and never regretted the decision. In fact, it was a refurbished model and I am still using today.
Now I am looking for an embroidery only machine to add to my collection. I have been researching the PE770 and am drawn to it for all that if offers for the price, but in talking with dealers, they recommend that I whatever I buy, that I buy a machine with an aluminum frame versus, I guess, plastic; to buy a machine that has some weight to it, because of the vibration that occurs with embroidery machines.
Question: With regard to the PE770, does this machine have an aluminum frame?
The Brother PE770 has a solid aluminum metal casting for holding top and bottom shafts and linkages. If fact, all the Brother dealer model machines including PE770 and PE780 embroidery only machines have this feature. It is only the low end mass merchant machines that that have plastic front and back covers for holding top and bottom shafts and linkages in place.
Vibration is not as much of a problem with embroidery only machines with fixed center needle positions (no zigzag mechanisms inside) and no feed dog mechanisms underneath.. All Brother machines are smooth running with less vibration and decibel ratings than other major brands of the same type.

If you repeat multiple images in the hoop (like small fsl earrings), will the machine cut the threads automatically when it goes from one image to the next? (Sort of like a jump stitch cut setting). I know it has an "automatic" thread cutter, but that doesn't always mean it cuts without someone pushing a button to tell it to do it. Elise
Yes, the machine will cut the thread at the end of each design entered in the stitch field. Brother
Darlene P, Baton Rouge LA
I had issues with the bobbin and the customer service tried to help, with no luck. She recommend that I bring it to my local store and they knew exactly what was wrong and fixed the problem. I love my bed machine. I just wish I had taken the extra warrant but didn't realize I couldn't go back and purchase it.n

Yong Y , Thailand
Hello Jennie Thank you again, At Thailand PE770 and PE500 are popular because they use for student uniform must sew the name and any logo. The price accept for thai people. It can be family business. I used to order and E-bay. the price is higher than you.And I can't order any spare part when machine is fail. For E-bay The seller has change often . Sometime the product is broken when come to me and same I can't order any spare part So I choose you. because your team is excellence support. Example John M is very excellence support. Compare with Thailand time, your country is night. Is John M not sleep??? I am very surprise. Ha Ha Ha So they are reason. I choose Allbrainds. I am your customer for a long time. I hope you can support both sewing machine and spare part for a long time ,too ^_^ **** I don't well for english language If you don't understand some sentence,Please ignore. Now I write this mail. I use translator from google support. Hahaha Thank you again. Yong

Courtney, Texas
Love the machine :)

Beverly, Arizona
Good prices, good service

Terri D, Mobile AL

Back a few months ago, you helped me TREMENDOUSLY with the above machine I purchased from you last year. Your customer service from you and the other members of your company was the BEST I have ever experienced from any organization in my life. You should be extremely proud of your company. If you gave me a survey and I had to rate questions 1-5, I would write in a "10" on every answer. I am not just saying this, it is the truth. Since I've been monogramming and appliqueing, some of my friends and acquaintances have expressed interest in doing it themselves and I have told everyone of them to buy from you. Even though it would be an internet purchase and you are located in LA, it did not matter, they would receive better service than if they bought it in Mobile, Al, which is located about 25 miles from us. Terri D.

Kay, Georgia
Am very pleased with the service.

Leonita, Kansas
I have been very pleased with purchase. Was hesitant to buy "rebfurished" but the machine embroiders beautifully. Thank You

Claudia, Minnesota
I have recommended your site to others looking for a new or replacement machine. The selection of "bonus" items is a nice plus. Your prices are competitive and free shipping made the difference between buying on line and shopping around in the metro. The ad for this machine says it will ship in 1 to 2 weeks yet I received the machine only 6 days after placing the order. Keep up the good work!

JoAnne, Maryland
As a person who shops on a budget, I am very glad that Allbrands makes equipment affordable and attainable. I would say that 99% of the time Allbrands has the best price or best value - I was excited to see available the Brother XR 9000 machine, which I also ordered. As an online shopper it is important to go with a company that has proven quality product offerings. I hope to purchase within the next few months a cover hem serger (another Brother product) to round out my sewing needs. Thank you again.

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