Explore Signature Scraps, a wonderful new pattern series by Kaye England that takes advantage of that ever-increasing stash of fabric you have.

This quilt is very easy to cut, all 1½" strips will get you busy in a flash. This is where I recommend trading with friends, or you can use fat quarters or even fat eighths. The more the variety, the nicer the quilt. Keep a stack of light/mediums and a stack of medium/darks (perhaps two baskets) then begin your assembly. The dark that creates the "X" in the pattern, would be stronger if you keep the same fabric in this position.

Size: 77" square Double, 99" square Queen, 121" square King

Virtual ShowCase on Kaye England's Good Measure Rulers and Patterns
"I first saw this quilt in a state project book where I was fascinated with the setting and very unusual placement of colors. After many hours of drawing and coloring, I finally determined that two different colored blocks created this fabulous quilt. I marvel that in the 19th century a quiltmaker created this masterpiece.

"Decide which blocks to 'start' with, then alternate the blocks 1 & 2 to complete the design. Begin with either block, just keep alternating making sure that each following row is the opposite. This is the style of quilt that pieces easier in 'sections' than in rows. I prefer assembly of four blocks in a repeat fashion to avoid sewing all of the long rows. This way it is lots of 'four patch' blocks in reality. It would be very easy to enlarge this quilt to any size as shown. Just again, determine which block you will start and stop with. Then, alternate the following rows. Great scrappy fun. Enjoy!"—Kaye England