Stretchy Knit Kit for Flat Shank Needle Users: Moisture-management fabrics are lightweight knits that are designed to wick moisture away from the body – and to challenge embroiderers. This kit contains 50 pieces of each of two types of cut-away stabilizers and one soft tear-away used successfully by many embroiderers to prevent puckering, drifting outlines and other challenges associated with this fabric type and other lightweight knits. The tear-away in this kit is used in combination with one of the included cut-away products.

Key Features
• 50 Pieces of 8” x 8” Fusible No Show
• 50 Pieces of 8” x 8” PolyPro Performance
• 50 Pieces of Medium Soft Tear-away
• 20 75/11 SES Light Ballpoint Flat Shank Needles
Included Accessories
Instruction sheet.